Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis

A Hindu, and a believer in Astrology, Neil Desai is a second-generation East Indian-American, who is 27 years of age, works for an ad company, and has been in a relationship for over 6 years with Angel Matthews, and lives with her in a small apartment in New York. Before that could happen, misunderstandings crop up, and Neil moves out. He gets a ride from Limo driver, Dilip Kumar, who tells him that since he is his 100th customer, he will get a week of free rides. Neil and his friends decide to take good use of Dilip's offer, and Neil, desperate to get into another relationship, dates a wide assortment of girls, and takes them to a variety of destinations in the limo. A week later, he still misses Angel, and returns to her, little knowing that Dilip is a the producer of a TV serial 'Love In The Backseat' and has a hidden camera that has been recording Neil, his interactions with various women, and is all set to telecast this on TV.

Neil Desai, a directionless and confused 20-something accompanied by his posse of four testosterone packed schmoes embark on a journey to find the perfect date, the meaning of love and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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