Quarter to Two Before Jesus Christ

Quarter to Two Before Jesus Christ

In antique Rome, a simple pepboy for chars becomes involved in a coup against Cesar.

In antique Rome, a simple pepboy for chars becomes involved in a coup against Cesar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Quarter to Two Before Jesus Christ torrent reviews

Kathryn R (it) wrote: How about "Nearly Deads"?

Matt S (fr) wrote: Gregoire is a film producer whose business is on the rocks. Despite a seemingly strong relationship with his loving wife and children, he cannot deal with the overwhelming failures that seem insurmountable. After he commits suicide, his family is left to pick up the pieces of his business and their shattered lives. A devastatingly subtle drama.

Bonnie C (au) wrote: Seemingly happy aging couple with so many layers of untold stories and secrets. Wow... This movie made me rethink about relationship as husband and wife for my parents who will soon celebrate their 40th anniversary. What about my own? Hmmm...

Pretty P (fr) wrote: the soundtrack is better than the film

Shadow L (it) wrote: Not a bad movie..though it seemed a bit like a "tv movie" in style and acting. The story was interetsing and kept me from turning off the DVD. You have to suspend belief a few times and overlook some melodramatic acting/plot devices (like everyone helping the main character takes poison and dies...bs). It is an enjoyable watch and definitely not a waste of time.

Vulcan S (ru) wrote: A thrilling and emotional rewarding experience that can only be achieved through the magic of cinema. this film reaches emotions in a complex level that is beyond any verbal description; definitely a film that needs to be felt.

Rodney E (us) wrote: A Vonnegut adaptation that is completely a mess. A case of the book truly being way better than the movie. Still it is interesting to note how the cast works with the material. I would not recommend it but if you read the book it should be checked out. I like Omar Epps in this though

Sgt C (gb) wrote: (73%)Without a doubt one of the best blaxploitation movies ever to be spawned from the era. Fred Williamson is perfect in the lead role playing a character that is far from the good guy, or hero of the movie, as he ruthlessly takes whatever he can get, and with force if needs be. And like a lot of these movies they tried to please the audience with a mix of drama and action that works well, so too James Brown's super cool soundtrack. Of course the movie isn't perfect (the pace goes AWOL at times, and the small budget is pushed to the limit), but overall this is a fine example of the breed, with a good morality tale at its heart.

Heist (ru) wrote: More ratings to follow.

Marcio T (jp) wrote: The best Western Movie in all time.

Lee M (kr) wrote: Cheap imitation of the mood created by Guy Ritchie in his successful gangster films.

Mike S (gb) wrote: Stale, really boring, and one of the cheesiest exorcism movies I have ever seen I believe. It pains me to see Hopkins in a poorly directed/written film. Not even he could have saved the film from the already disaster.