Somerset Maugham introduces four of his tales in this anthology film: "The Facts of Life," "The Alien Corn," "The Kite," and "The Colonel's Lady."

Four of Somerset Maugham's short stories are brought to the screen with each introduced by the author himself. In the first story, The Facts of Life, a young man with great potential on the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pablo G (mx) wrote: 3.6/5The beautiful looks of the film usually help to bring it up a little due to its shallow narrative, but in the end it is a great example of Yorgos' style and in the same way an example of what can go wrong if all of the parts of th film dont always help each other.

Emi3 (ag) wrote: not that great, just watchable!

Jesse S (us) wrote: New favourite movie....

Michael L (br) wrote: The most soulful Christmas movie. Love it!

a a (ca) wrote: Languages - English, French, Finnish, German, Dutch

Michelle J (gb) wrote: Might have been ok if I'd have stayed awake.

Blae S (ca) wrote: Now this is a great movie that I like the action was good the story was awesome and the end had me crying.

Susan P (es) wrote: I really loved this movie. It had beautiful music in it, some of it sad, some of it hilarious. It had a Hallmark Hall Of Fame vibe to it, but it redeemed itself through some very left-of-center additions that are not typical of a backwoods mountain story at the turn of the century. The acting is good, the script is sometimes corny but it still does a solid job of telling a realistic story. The scenery is beautiful. Best part is the music and the people who perform it do a great job. Iris DeMent shows up in it, I just saw her recently in concert. So does Taj Mahal! If you liked "O Brother, Where Art Thou" you will probably enjoy this.

Fong K (mx) wrote: This adaptation of Virginia Woolf's signature novel of the same name is a beautiful narrative about the titular matriarch's reflections on her choices made in her younger life one afternoon before her evening party, marred only by a peculiar subplot involving a shell-shocked soldier.

Jacek S (de) wrote: Note: When it ends, it makes one feel it doesn't have an ending, being like a book with 10 last pages torn out. Ambitious, well-made, well-acted, yet unsatisfying.

Eric S (ca) wrote: I love law movies and ones that deal with history and the Communist era make this a must see for me. I absolutely love how he stood by what was right and tried to overcome so much. And having his wife there with him was amazing-- showing that with support you can accomplish so much.

joe b (jp) wrote: what may have been the extreme back when this film was done has now sadly become the norm here in way too many public schools here in the states. But just as in the movie we find you can not run from your fears thinking it will be ok...everyone has their breaking point...but some look for theirs.... not for the squimish worth the watch

Matt V (ag) wrote: While a lot of these reviews banter on about cliche and absurdity, I do not feel as if the movie's substance is being taken into full consideration. Yes, the plot of a criminal wanting to go straight has been done before, the psychological toll of secrets unbeknownst to the character are fleshed out and by the end of the movie remedied. The movie also examines revenge through several of its characters and what extent humans, in the extent of their worst nature, will go through to get it. I would also like to point out that Foley (Samuel L. Jackson) is wonderfully developed and quite slowly. It's a complex issue through the film to wonder if we should like him or hate him, even with the exceptional circumstances. Had I not read that this was an indie film, I personally wouldn't have known other from the IFC logo plastered on it. While the cinematography wasn't incredible, to say that it was terrible is a stretch to say the least. I will personally be viewing this film again in the near future.

Shelley J (ca) wrote: I wish Hollywood would get over the bs of making special effects thrice the volume of dialogue... but in this movie it didn't matter. The best line of dialogue was "oh" and the best acting was from a puppy who gets killed. Nice action sequences but there was nothing in the plot or the characters that tied you to the violence. Would have rather seen a movie about the hotel in the story, the continental.