Quartet is the story of a girl who, adrift with her feckless husband amidst the literati of glittering Paris in the 1920s, becomes entrapped by a rich and sybaritic English couple. Adapted from the wistful, melancholy autobiographical novel by Jean Rhys, Quartet is full of intense confrontations dazzlingly acted by Alan Bates, Maggie Smith, Anthony Higgins, and Isabelle Adjani. This is one of the Merchant Ivory team’s darkest and most compelling dramas of dangerously intertwined relationships.

Marya finds herself penniless after her art dealer husband, Stephan, is convicted of theft. Marya accepts the hospitality of a strange couple, H.J. and Lois Heidler, who lets her live in their house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ja K (us) wrote: Cliche and Tacky but I'm still a sucker for films like this, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone to see unless your a fan/critic of the Jaws franchise.

Mike M (ag) wrote: A dim and silly bit of Hoxton cobblers, entering a plea on behalf of those low-ranking drug dealers being forced out of the East London neighborhood by gentrification. Woe is them... We're peering through pins for signs of promise: no roles for either Danny Dyer or Roland Manookian, which is something of a surprise, but we do get a cameo from Ben Drew - a.k.a. TV's Plan B - in the sort of hardman role American rappers usually attempt in a bid to persuade us they're less stage school-educated than they really are. (He's more convincing in those Bulmers Cider ads, the portly sellout.) As one might expect from a project originated within the music industry, it's performed in a supposedly authenticising vernacular, more often than not drowned out by the soundtrack. Duh.

Lori B (br) wrote: Everyone thinks the lady who sued McDonalds over hot coffee is a great example of why we need tort reform . . . until you get the whole story. This is a great, entertaining doc that describes how corporate America has insidiously worked its way into the legal and political process to protect its own moneyed interests at the expense of consumers. Definitely well worth seeing.

Johnny F (kr) wrote: Tight ass movie who agrees

Andy P (ag) wrote: Strange Wilderness.... Strangely enjoyable. Does that mean there is something wrong with me? I shouldn't have liked this film, but found myself laughing more than I thought I would, or should. Life never ceases to amaze! Please check your brains at the door when viewing this movie.

Brent D (gb) wrote: So disappointing, which sucks because you can tell that somewhere in here is a great movie just begging to be made.

Alexis G (us) wrote: This movie is a waste of 1 hr. 24 min. of your life.

Monster (ag) wrote: pretty boring and unimpressive

Mike T (ca) wrote: Good action blockbuster with thrills and great use of special effects that make a 2003 Cineplex movie experience pretty unreal and stunning and awe-inspiring. Totally good for back then.

Stacy S (br) wrote: I didn't have many expectations for this movie so I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.

Jason K (ru) wrote: Very powerful movie! Shows that u can find good even in a terrible situation! RECOMMEND IT!

Analisa P (ru) wrote: this little girl is absolutely amazing. the best female performance i've seen in a very long time!

helen r (kr) wrote: i love that movie very much

Andy B (ag) wrote: 3.5/5-typical 80s coming of age film. i think what i enjoyed most was how totally politically incorrect the dialog was.

Scott R (au) wrote: The ultimate guys' movie.

Jayakrishnan R (br) wrote: 82%Saw this on 18/5/15Dirty Harry is all style and especially when it's from Clint Eastwood, you can watch it if you like him. It's got plenty of goofy dialogues are interesting and it surprisingly remains something more than just your average action film.

Debra M (it) wrote: why did they make this movie???

Ireland B (ag) wrote: This was an absolutely outstanding film! I enjoyed it very much. I have watched it over & over because it is so great! I love the movie and the hero. It is so good and inspiring. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE IT IS SO GREAT!

Ryley L (us) wrote: A very weird movie, where frogs control swamp creatures to overtake people in a swamp mansion. Creepy in parts totally unexplainable in others. Interesting editing with frog chorus every time someone gets killed. Not many people get this movie, its not frogs attacking people, its frog domination of the swamp creatures lol