Que Farei eu com Esta Espada?

Que Farei eu com Esta Espada?


By cross editing the footages of Portuguese workers protesting against the NATO forces and the movie and shows how a one 'sword' can confront with the army. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Que Farei eu com Esta Espada? torrent reviews

Tony M (ca) wrote: Just don't even watch this cgi sucks bad

Susana R (au) wrote: Love this movie watched it all the way home from Puerto Rico. Love McDreamy

ScubaSteve Walter M (nl) wrote: How do you con the con-artist? Pretty much a spoiler, but Nine Queens makes the other classic heist films look stupid. Lots of twist and turns with a lot of surprises. Though the movie plot reminds me so much of The Sting with their grandeur plans of conning.

Karen B (br) wrote: amazing window into another world, from a 19-year-old director . . . not so easy for the viewer to orient at first, but worth the effort ... touching vignettes, strong production values ...

Roland J (nl) wrote: Men snlla Kristin Scott Thomas, varfr lnar du dig till en sdan banal, frutsgbar, icke trovrdig och frutsgbar histora? Mste ha varit ebb i kassan nr manuset dk upp. Undvik.

Allan C (it) wrote: A lesser film in the John Hughes cannon and the last of his "teen" films. Frank Whaley is a lovable loser (who comes off more as annoying than endearing) and Jennifer Connelly is the rich girl rebel who both get locked in a Target store over night. The film had potential, but it ends up being pretty tedious. The film feels like a mash-up of Hughes' best films. The rich kid and poor kid romantic element from "Pretty in Pink". The Teens left alone with nothing to do but talk element of "The Breakfast Club". And lamest of all is the "Home Alone" elements when two comedic lame-brain burglars show up for no reason other than as a lazy plot device. Hughes was able to maintain a compelling story of teens trapped in detention with nothing to do but talk in "The Breakfast Club", so it's disappointing that he chose the route of broad comedy instead of a thoughtful film. I could have forgiven that if it were at least funny. And I don't blame Whaley for his annoying character. I think he delivers exactly what the filmmakers were going for, but his 1930s style fast talker seems like he's in a completely different universe than Connelly's character. In it's favor though, Connelly gives a likable performance and there is a decent supporting cast that includes cameos by John Candy and William Forsythe and bit parts for Barry Corbin and Noble Willingham. A disappointment considering the talent behind and in front of the camera.

Corey B (es) wrote: Younger Morgan Freeman, he as always carries the movie, a typical 80s movie though with all the cheese

Scott S (it) wrote: Wise Blood (1979) -- [6.5] -- John Huston tackles Flannery O'Connor's gothic tale of southern evangelism. "Wise Blood" is a curious movie full of interesting ideas, not the least of which is a paradoxical main character who shuns Jesus while simultaneously torturing himself for some sort of redemption. Brad Dourif (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Child's Play) stars as the son of a 'hellfire and brimstone' preacher (Huston in flashbacks) who moves to a new city and tries to start up his own church, "The Church Without Jesus." Preaching on street corners, he easily wins the undying allegiance of a simpleton played by Dan Shor (Tron, Bill and Ted) and makes enemies with rival street preachers (Harry Dean Stanton and Ned Beatty) who only seek to swindle a dollar from faithful onlookers. The film is most interesting when it's absurd or unsettling, as in scenes when Shor's character steals a shrunken corpse to serve as Dourif's "new Jesus," or when Dourif blinds himself in the name of redemption. As a whole, it's somewhat muddled, though. Alex North's peculiar score hits some sour notes and too much time is spent on a seemingly unrelated subplot involving Shor running around town in a gorilla suit. The last twenty minutes, when Dourif's landlady discovers he keeps rocks in his boots and wraps his torso in barbed wire, are singularly dreary. It almost feel like another story entirely. In the end, I'm not sure what to make of "Wise Blood," but it's simply too odd and interesting to ignore.

Anil T (nl) wrote: Lee Marvin and Roger Moore together at last???!!!!! They have some really great scenes together in this story about two mercenaries in Zanzibar during WWI. The film has it moments, but really is probably a little too long.

Mark K (us) wrote: horrible acting, terrible storytelling, and a very forgettable villain make this sc-fi film a painful watch..

Shane H (ca) wrote: very well crafted psychological thriller mystery.

Greg W (it) wrote: just ok at least the music they use is gr8