¿Qué tienes debajo del sombrero?

¿Qué tienes debajo del sombrero?

Documentry about Judith Scott, an internationally renowned outsider artist, who was born with Down's Syndrome and diagnosed as "severly mentally retarded" at the age of seven.

Documentry about Judith Scott, an internationally renowned outsider artist, who was born with Down's Syndrome and diagnosed as "severly mentally retarded" at the age of seven. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


¿Qué tienes debajo del sombrero? torrent reviews

IOnell S (mx) wrote: Nadie diria que es una pelicula de suspenso. Pero es una forma suave y mas sutil de abordar un homicidio. Con las escenas explicitas no es para cualquier publico realmente.

Edin S (it) wrote: Zanimljiv film...fun!

Valvella L (ag) wrote: great movie,really enjoyed with family!

scott a (es) wrote: Not the worst portrayal of an open relationship (though not the most flattering either)... but does illustrate a few of the rules which should not be broken: no dating (3ways are best), keep equal standards (got mad at him for not using protection, but she didn't either), couples' agreements come before all others (don't make promises to the fling that hurt the relationship), and don't keep secrets.In the end straight men will stay with a futureless relationship (and marriage wouldn't have been a possibility anyway since she didn't believe in marriage!) just to get sex and babies complicate straight relationships (though I guess pets can complicate gay ones too!).As far as using people as toys -- everyone uses everyone (for love, meaning, belonging, security, etc) -- as long as they know what they are getting into and the understanding is clear and upfront (which means being honest and upfront about what you are bring to the table and what you are looking for).You can't own anyone or completely have them -- you get what they choose to give.

Matthew S (nl) wrote: Aside from Palka's interesting concept, there is nothing about this film that feels even slightly real or believable. Jason Ritter is the only actual "life" to be found in this oddly flat movie.

Zachary L (jp) wrote: You could better but you could also do a lot worse. Another formulaic romantic comedy coming out of HK with some star power behind it. Lau Ching-wan does a good job as Gigi's driver/bodyguard with his usual wacky acting style. Some funny situational comedy with "Mario" being a Filipino servant and speaking broken Cantonese. However, the remainder of the movie does nothing new. At least the ending was realistic and not as manufactured as it could have been.

Heather W (kr) wrote: lol i just want to see it because it says something about gnomes....gnomes rock!

Danielle B (mx) wrote: Hilarious, a must see. Also an old favorite of mine.

Mark B (fr) wrote: a great big pile of cheese which is comprised of two separate, unfinished films and edited together."

Duke (us) wrote: better than full metal jacket; not given the credit it deserves

C H (kr) wrote: Buuel vive me decepcionando... ele precisava de dinheiro, ento, numa longa fase da carreira dele, fez um monte de filmes "mais populares" como este. Uma tristeza.

Codie E (ru) wrote: There is such a mischievious mood to this film, Renoir and Michel Simon create an absolute bastard of a character, but there is something so charming and amusing about Bodou that whatever he does amuses.

Daniel A (it) wrote: A decent story let down by its execution, Holy Rollers is well acted (particularly by Eisenberg) but leaves no lasting impression on the viewer, and will be all but forgotten by the time the credits finish rolling. Throughout the film there are flashes of something much better than the overall effect of the film, mostly thanks to director Kevin Asch, but these mere moments of greatness are never sustained beyond this, making Holy Rollers a disappointingly insubstantial movie.

bill s (ag) wrote: A melodramatic horror movie about those remaining after the rapture but I'll be damned I was not entertained.