Que viva Tepito!

Que viva Tepito!

Slice of life covering four or five days in a badly run-down neighborhood. Matriarch of a slum family dies unexpectedly; relatives from neighboring blocks cope with the loss and arrange her funeral.

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Carlos G (de) wrote: Inmediata candidata a la pelcula ms inusual de la d (C)cada pasada: filmada en menos de un mes, en 3-D, en forma independiente por un grupo de locos dirigidos por Thomas Jane (si, el actor decente pero nada memorable de Punisher y The Mist), y con un storyboard en vez de guin, esto es una contribucin ms que adecuada al casi inexistente g (C)nero del "noir sobrenatural" (ver Point Blank de Boorman para el ejemplo perfecto). El paisaje como cancer maligno que se come al protagonista, bsicamente. Otro ejemplo de porqu (C) el cine de g (C)nero me interesa mucho ms que el mainstream: artefactos culturales como esta peli son para m mucho ms significativos que el ltimo drama de Woody Allen y todo eso (por decir algo, y me encanta Allen en general).

Adam A (es) wrote: [color=black]This was a surprising movie. I was not expecting it to be that good. I really thought it was a long shot when the DVD started up and there were only two options ? PLAY or CHAPTERS. It really had some deep thoughts behind it. On its surface, the story was only just about a boxer and his trainer working towards a title fight. But, this film is not another Rocky.[/color][color=black] [/color][color=black]Fighting Tommy Riley ended up being a very good study of a very interesting relationship between a fighter, Tommy Riley, and his trainer. I knew before it was revealed what the big mystery was and what the trainer was hiding, but that did not take anything away from the story. I liked that the story ended without seeing the final match. The boxing was not the main point and it would have cheapened the story to have had Tommy win or lose the big, final match. There was plenty of boxing and some good fights to see, but the filmmaker did a good job not letting that overshadow the story.[/color][color=black] [/color][color=black]There was some very good camera work with this film, too. All around the picture was very well put together. I would have enjoyed seeing more of the trainer?s back story and maybe even having a flashback or two to show it. It was a very interesting story potential that was not tapped. That is really the only reason why the movie didn?t score higher.[/color]

Shawn W (ca) wrote: Kevin Spacey singing across beyond the sea somewhere, waiting for him!

Leo L (gb) wrote: An interesting movie. Intriguing story plot.

Joshua C (kr) wrote: HA HA HA, FAT PEOPLE ARE FUNNY!

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: Bats that suddenly started killing people in packs. That's pretty much all the film has to offer.

Sunit P (jp) wrote: Good film. Reviewers are retarded.

Tim F (ag) wrote: Better than I thought it would be.

Dyron W (ca) wrote: While there the first film had perfect comic timing, heart and energetic dance numbers, this sequel, along with its successors, feels more manufactured and heavy handed (though well intentioned) with its themes on education and empowerment. Plus, the wacky direction/sound effects didn't help either. But, the movie is still funny enough to try to overcome its flaws and the dance/music number are as energetic as ever.

Candy R (jp) wrote: Finds out his parents are spies. Great plot.

Christopher N (kr) wrote: Love this movie! It changed filmmaking in the best way! I'm most impressed that I still enjoy it after so many years and repeated viewings. Highly recommended!

John D (ag) wrote: Drags on way too long, but is amiable and entertaining for the most part. There are a few memorable songs and a couple good dance numbers. The sequence with Kelly dancing with Jerry is pretty cool, though it really has nothing to do with the rest of the movie.