Queen of the Desert

Queen of the Desert

A chronicle of Gertrude Bell's life, a traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political attaché for the British Empire at the dawn of the twentieth century.

A chronicle of Gertrude Bell's life, a traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political attaché for the British Empire at the dawn of the twentieth century. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan M (br) wrote: Measured and professional...and about time! Do yourself a favor and watch this, no matter what your pre-conceived notions are about the destruction of the WTC.

Mon K (jp) wrote: Quite sad and distressing at times! Surprisingly good movie!

Sol C (us) wrote: The film took me by surprise. I found it to be very funny. Brandon Routh does shine in the lead role. Jesse Bradford and Sophia Bush are great as the annoying couple. I thought the film needed a rewrite cause there were a few stupid moments in the film. If they would have gotten rid of those stupid moments then it would be a much better film.

Ben S (br) wrote: I'm just an ordinary old man and just want to give my opinion. First problem was the subtitles were in yellow and this often clashed with the near constant gold coloring ot the costumes and scenery in the background, as everything was heavily gold colored. This sometimes made it difficult to read the subtitles against the gold background. There was one part of the plot that bothered me. It was never made clear as to why the Emperor wanted to simply drive his wife buggy insane by adding black fungus to her medicine, when killing and just being plain evil seemed to be second nature to him. This movie starts out with overwhelming beauty of costumes, sets, and scenery. But of course this alone doesn't make a good movie. It was well acted, but I found all the repeated rituals of every little thing they did somewhat annoying. Although it is fiction, I do like a movie to be realistic. The soldiers appearing from almost out of nowhere without being detected on both sides is surely a physical immpossibility. It's simply not possible to sneak all those people in the palace or surround the palace and either side go undetected. But then surprise we're here. That was ridiculous enough, but when the men in black dropped down from the mountainsides in perfect harmony on ropes, mind you without hardly touching each other with an attack of perfection. Then one man surrounded by thousands of men in black doesn't get subdued until he single handedly slays numerous people. Well this just put it in the cartoon catagory. You expect this in futuristic or fantasy movies and I don't believe this movie was intended to be either.Obviously, multiplication of the masses, was done by digital enhancement. The ending was abrupt and real dissappointing as it didn't tell what became of the Empress. It had the making of a really good movie if ithere would have been more realisim and didn't end in a ridiculous manner. But it was one of those movies I had to watch to see how it ended.

Andrew I (fr) wrote: Well even if the rating in the rotten tomato is bad, you should still see it and review yourself, because I saw this movie about 4 times in a row and I still love the movie and all the foreshadowing and the idea of loss of innocence brings in. It might be really over drastically dramatic at times but, it's a movie, every movie does that even if the critics said it was a good movie. So take your time pop a sit with your pals and get some popcorn and watch this movie for yourself and see what you think it is like.

TJ B (mx) wrote: Though Christopher Walken seemed sluggish and out of sorts, the story was really good.

Leonardo Malacay S (ag) wrote: una historia sobre la muerte el amor y la fotografa, acaso podra no gustarme?

Tom H (br) wrote: Tedious but watchable Hammer flick. I did not like the speedy editing. The story is ok, i just think they could have done a better job.

Van R (jp) wrote: ??Big Steal?? director Don Siegel??s first western outing, ??Duel at Silver Creek,?? bristles with gunfights galore, posses of dust-raising horsemen, and a hefty body count. Decorated World War II veteran Audie Murphy co-stars with Stephen McNally and Faith Domergue. Lee Marvin lurks on the periphery as a minor supporting character while perennial bad guy Gerald Mohr portrays the chief villain who leads a gang of homicidal henchmen. Friendship, deception, intrigue, and betrayal emerge as the major themes in this briskly-paced, 77-minute, Technicolor, horse opera that doesn??t wear out its welcome. ??Armored Car Robbery?? scenarist Gerald Drayson Adams and ??Buccaneer's Girl?? scribe Joseph Hoffman have fashioned an interesting sagebrusher that takes advantage of several film noir elements. First, leading lady Faith Domergue is a murderous siren who takes McNally for a ride. Second, the McNally lawman provides the narration and endures the paranoia that comes with getting crippled by a bullet. ??Duel at Silver Creek?? was among the earliest westerns that used the gimmick of the gunman who had trouble pulling the trigger. This theme would become a convention during the 1950s. Third, the Silver Kid is a black, leather-coat clad trigger-happy gambler out for revenge that the McNally lawman exploits because he cannot reveal his own dark secret without jeopardizing his life. Indeed, while most of the action occurs during the day, a murder takes place at night. Nevertheless, ??Duel at Silver Creek?? could be classified as a film noir western. Against a vigorous montage of murder and mayhem, the narrator (Stephen McNally) establishes the conflict in ??Duel at Silver Creek.?? He begins: ??For some time there??d been reports about a vicious gang of claim jumpers who??d been forcing miners to sign away their claims through fear of torture or death. The claims were then transferred to one of their own men or were sold to innocent miners who had just arrived in the territory and were looking for new claims to work. These claim jumpers were smart enough not to try to grab some of the bigger mines where there might be enough men working to put up a fight. Usually, they picked on claims being worked by one or two men. And the more defenseless these men were, the better the claim jumpers liked it. Their plan was simple and foolproof, because nobody knew who they were. Since their victims either disappeared, or were found dead, there wasn??t anyone who could put their finger on these jumpers. Working a claim became a might dangerous business for any miner because no one knew when or where they??d turn up next.?? Two miners are shot dead in cold blood by the claim jumpers. Luke Cromwell (Audie Murphy of ??Comanche Creek??) and his father have just made a gold strike when the claim jumpers ride up for their next foray. ??There??s enough dust there to blind a man. The jubilant father proclaims, ??Looks like we staked one with some pay dirt this time, son!?? The father beams with joy. ??Now, you can buy all the silver you want. You won??t have to go around playing poker for it.?? Rod Lacey (Gerald Mohr of ??Invasion, U.S.A.??) sends two men to ambush Luke after he rides away. Luke thwarts the two ambushers. McNally resumes his narration: ??Then old man Tompkins struck it rich a few miles north of Silver City and the jumpers moved in and killed him. As usual, they made a clean getaway, but this time they left a trail I thought we could follow and as I was Marshal of Silver City, I decided to get up a posse to track them down.?? Marshal Tyrone??s mentor, Dan 'Pop' Muzik (Griff Barnett of ??Cass Timberlane??), wants to serve as marshal for Tyrone while the marshal is out with the posse. Tyrone leaves him in charge of Silver City. The posse runs down the claim jumpers, but Tyrone catches a slug in his right shoulder. The posse continues their pursuit, while Tyrone recuperates at Fort Lowell. He meets Opal Lacy (Faith Domergue of ??Where Danger Lives??) before she takes a stage to Silver City. The authorities bring a dying man to Fort Lowell and Opal offers to assist the physician. She sends the wounded Tyrone off on an errand. After the two men leave the man with Opal, she strangles him quickly. Later, she tells Tyrone that she is heading to Silver City to help her brother, Rod, run his mining business. When Tyrone returns, he learns that Pop was gunned down at night in the back. Immediately, Tyrone suspects the culprit in Pop??s murder is a Mexican gunman named Johnny Sombrero (Eugene Iglesias of ??The Brave Bulls??) who has been a burr under his saddle. Rod provides Johnny with an alibi, and Opal suggests the killer may be the Silver Kid. ??They say the Silver Kid is awfully fast with his guns,?? she warns Tyrone. Instead of arresting the Silver Kid (Audie Murphy), Tyrone deputizes him because he knows that he needs a fast gun to back him up. Opal strings along Tyrone. They call each other Brown Eyes and Lightning and he falls for him lock, stock and barrel. The Kid and Tyrone have an on-again, off-again relationship because he tries to convince the marshal that Brown Eyes is treacherous. Eventually, Tyrone learns about Brown Eyes?? treachery. Initially, Tyrone believes that the Kid betrayed him when he informed Johnny about his inability to pull the trigger. The surprise ending where one of the heroes shoots the other one in the arm is clever, and Siegel and his writers ramrod a lot of exposition down our throats under the circumstances. Although Silver Creek is never seen, one character describes the setting for the finale as located near Silver Creek. Evidently, Universal Studios decided to bank on a sizzling, tell-all title like ??Duel at Silver Creek?? rather than something like ??Duel near Silver Creek.?? The flavorful dialogue, especially the exchanges between Murphy and McNally, is quite good.

Gio P (ru) wrote: Several movies and genres in one, it's a delightful musical that offers charismatic performances, catchy songs and even a sexy scene of "turning out the lights".

Armando P (es) wrote: He has to stay alive by punching things

Sean W (ag) wrote: The Devil Inside is a mad hybrid of various different films, ranging from The Exorcist, to Blair Witch, to Paranormal Activity - with all the interest, terror and excitement of those films cast out like an unclean spirit. The film draws on so many other sources that it has trouble establishing its own identity.Another film attempting to cash in on the recent handy-cam craze, it is a faux-documentary that follows a woman trying to discover what went wrong in her mother's exorcism 20 years prior, which resulted in the deaths of three people and a life-long spell for her mother in an insane asylum.A fairly unoriginal, but decent enough premise. The film does actually make some interesting commentary on the bureaucracy of the Catholic Church, and contains one or two well-timed scares. But the film is let down by clichd jump-out-of-your-seat moments that you can see coming from a mile away, like the unexplained orchestral booming noise that occurs whenever the camera looks at something scary, and a ridiculously abrupt ending that stops the film dead in its tracks.If you're gonna go with the whole "found-footage" thing, you have to keep it discreet. It's dangerous to show too much, whereas the likes of Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity did mostly suggestion work. Hell, even Cloverfield didn't let you see too much of the monster. The Devil Inside just keeps throwing too much in your face, and it becomes predictable.