Queensryche: Operation Livecrime

Queensryche: Operation Livecrime


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  • Release:2001
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  • Country:USA
  • Director:Wayne Isham
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Queensryche's massively popular concept album "Operation: Mindcrime" -- which tells the story of a junkie hit man -- comes to life in this rousing theatrical performance from 1991. Singer Geoff Tate is in fine voice as the progressive hard rockers rip through "I Remember Now," "Anarchy-X," "Speak," "Spreading the Disease," "The Mission," "Suite Sister Mary," "The Needle Lies" and more. Also included is an interview with Tate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Queensryche: Operation Livecrime torrent reviews

Lee P (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this excellent true-life drama starring Tom Hanks.The untold story behind "the miracle on the Hudson" 8/10 Rev 391

Maranda F (ca) wrote: This was very enjoyable to watch and interesting.

Quinto W (br) wrote: I'm still not quite sure what it is exactly that I just saw, and there's not much I can say because I don't wan't to give anything away, but it was definitely interesting, very unique, and funny.

Tom B (it) wrote: Excellent inside look at the band for Pixies fans, but little else to offer as a documentary. Much of the "drama" seems manufactured through creative editing rather than actual intra-band conflict. The lack of more than a glance at the pre-tour rehearsals is baffling, as that's when tension would've been highest between the estranged musicians. Nonetheless, worth a viewing for the fantastic performances.

Sheldon S (br) wrote: not a Saw fan but would take it in if i had the chance

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