Quemando suerte

Quemando suerte

Marc is a sad man with a congenital disease that may finish his life at any time. During one of his multiple suicide attempts, a suitcase full of cocaine enters in his apartment through the...

Marc is a sad man with a congenital disease that may finish his life at any time. During one of his multiple suicide attempts, a suitcase full of cocaine enters in his apartment through the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Belal S (it) wrote: One of a kind, Sucha unique movie but I watched it by coincidence, Salute to the great director

a m (fr) wrote: I loved this film. The point-of-view filming style really makes you feel like you are there with Kelly and her accomplice & best friend Jordan. I definitely recommend it!!!!!!!!

Taryn F (us) wrote: Kinda cute but really silly!

Joseph S (it) wrote: One of the most realixing, quiet, and medatitive films I've ever watched. Andy Goldsworthy is an eccentric artist, but very normal, quiet, man in general. He lives with his wife and children in the country, and spends most of his time alone making sculptures that come apart before he finishes them. Watching the patterns fall apart or vanish is as much a part of Goldworthy's art as putting things together. Basically he takes whatever he finds in the woods and puts it together into patterns. Rocks, stones, ice, leaves, all come together and fall apart, in spirals, piles, shapes and lines. It's almost painfull to watch these fall-aparts some times, because of how tedious his work an be, but when everything works, if only for a second, it's well worth the wait. It's not exciting, but Goldsworthy's work, and watching him make it, is a great way to frame thoughts about nature, entropy, art, and patterns, but mostly it's just a calm, quiet, refreshing film. I wish I lived near woods...or anything not concrete.

Vivek K (au) wrote: "If a dead man can miss anyone i'll miss you mom"

Hunter W (gb) wrote: This film hurts your mind, its hurts your mind so good

Jocilyn J (ru) wrote: OMG!!! This movie is really corny and cheesy, but it's absolutely hilarious!!

Quinto W (us) wrote: It is very rare to find a movie that portrays a child as richly developed as 'My Life as Dog' does it, and protagonist Anton Glanzelius is a wonder at articulating his character's struggle with subtle expressions. A film that could've stumbled into easy schmaltz and over-the-topness instead brings a focus and tone to it that recalls real life as seen through young eyes.

Scott A (nl) wrote: WOW, this was a really good fun adventure film. I'd say it was miles more interesting than either Downey Jr films, and it was almost a perfect blend of Harry Potter and Indian Jones at times.I am no Sherlock Holmes perfectionist, so the fact that take liberates with the origin of these character didn't really bug me at all. I also don't know much about the history, but I guess the villain here does turn out to be Professor Moriarty later, so that made sense reading that now.I thought the kid that played Watson came off as whiny at times, but I really loved Rowe as Holmes and Ward as his lady.There were a few surprises and it does keep you guessing who the killer is for awhile...I was kind of right.But the special effects are the star here. Yeah...the film is nearly 30 years old, and the effects still look amazing. The knight made out of the Church glass is fantastic, and the whole cemetery scenes is amazing...killer pastries!!!

TheLords A (fr) wrote: Alright so here's the next best picture to review: Gigi.Plot: Gigi is a young girl who lives with her mother and grandmother in turn-of-the-20th-century Paris. She is learning to be a courtesan from her Great Aunt Alicia while her grandmother spend time with a wealthy young man named Gaston who has grown to be bored with his life. After Gaston recently publicly humiliates his mistress, he decides to go on a vacation by the sea and Gigi convinces him to take her and her grandmother with him, and they have a great time. Because of this, Alicia wants to work more into Gigi's education to try to make Gigi as a prize to Gaston, much to the former two's unawareness.While I wouldn't say this film holds up after all these years, I still ended up enjoying it for the most part. It's well acted, the story was not spectacular but it was still good, and the music was...alright. When I say alright, I mean that while you might like most of the music, most of the songs turn out to be very plain and not very groundbreaking as far as music goes - especially coming from the guy that did My Fair Lady. But at the same time I ended up liking the songs anyway at least when it came to the subject matter behind them. When I say that, I mean that some of them are about things I feel that we don't usually hear when listening to a musical such as songs like The Parisians and I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore. Yet at the same time I have issues with some of them like how Gaston's Soliloquy seems a little too similar to I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face from My Fair Lady, (to which I feel the fact that this was done by Frederick Loewe who has done the music for both of them explains it.) But I think the worst is the very first song Thank Heaven For Little Girls. When I brought up to my brother that I had just seen this film, the first thing he said was "wasn't that song just creepy?" Why would he say that? Because it's sung by Uncle Honor who is an old guy. And and old guy singing about little girls...that does sound pretty darn creepy. But other then that, the characters where acceptable, the story was confusing at some point but was still enjoyable for the most part, ultimately it's not one of the best film musicals or musicals in general, but you can still enjoy it for the most part.And that's my review for Gigi. It's not a great musical with it's songs that have somewhat unique subjects but doesn't change much in terms of tune, or characters and story that you would find particularly great or memorable. But it still turn out to be a simple musical with a simple story you'd expect from a musical that in a way makes it a decent time to watch.

John S (it) wrote: A decent film. Some pacing issues and it needs more character development, but the acting is par. What I absolutely love about it, though, is the satire. It does a wonderful job satirizing evangelical culture without being didactic, cheap, low-brow, or childish. It does exactly what satire is supposed to do: show a mirror to the audience. It comes off as a concerned friend rather than an arrogant fool. A fair film.

NMe D (ru) wrote: In love with this movie! In the world of cryptozology this movie pertrays the legand as an amazing creature..

Brandon S (kr) wrote: A dull remake of an adventure classic. Dennis Quaid brings something of a strong performance to an otherwise fairly weak cast. I was very disappointed in Giovanni Ribsi. He hadn't disappointed me before, but he really let me down with this one. An average film thats overall pretty skippable.

Ilja S (ru) wrote: A total classic. A great original plot, great action scenes, intriguing performances, and some cheesy 90's humor to make fun of.

Tyler J (mx) wrote: Good Movie I Guess I Eat Tiny Teddy's Every TIME I Watch This Film Well Good Job Snoopy and Charlie Brown! HAVE A COOKIE!

Raymond C (es) wrote: Decently funny with a simple, but good story.