Quemar las naves

Quemar las naves

Eugenia is a former pop singer who is bedridden and dying of cancer. Her 19 year old daughter Helena dreams of traveling the world and learns foreign languages at home and wishes she could ...

Eugenia is a former pop singer who is bedridden and dying of cancer. Her 19 year old daughter Helena dreams of traveling the world and learns foreign languages at home and wishes she could ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan L (us) wrote: Just watch Dawkins and Krauss's youtube videos, there is way better content on there than this over-edited pile of shit.

Daniel G (us) wrote: cute movie, if the end dragged on. Didn't think the 'bears' where that attractive.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: This average thriller with tones of fairy tale features stylish editing and an electrifying score, and it is particularly efficient in the exciting fighting and action scenes but not so interesting when showing the character's adaptation in a world she only knew via an encyclopedia.

Andy N (ag) wrote: Marauder is a pretty bad film if you don't take budget into account. If you take budget into account, Marauder at times is almost as good as the original in terms of parody. Like the first Starship Troopers, Marauder takes modern military in the United States and creates a spoof of the times and today's headlines. The idea that soldiers are just expendable pieces on the board and nothing less, the ideas behind the funding of the military going into all of the wrong places, etc. They even tackle the whole government overreach, and religion among other themes. At times the spoof is really funny and well done, but then there's the rest of the movie with special effects that go from decent to shitty in .5 seconds. The acting is terrible, the script appears to have been written by a Kirk Cameron/George Lucas hybrid, and the choreography is just as good as Sean Connery's last fight scenes in the film League of Extraordinary Gentleman. This film isn't good--but it's not entirely bad either and is kind of funny from time to time.

Charles G (de) wrote: With the slow build up of tension, solid acting and charismatically fun performances, this is the perfect Alfred Hitchcock movie for teenagers. The ending somewhat betrays the movie, but everything in this movie is so much fun that it's hard to give it anything less than a 5 star.

Freeman M (ag) wrote: Features some pretty terrific performances from Connelly, Kinglsey and, most of all, Shohreh Aghdashloo.

Cindyanne M (es) wrote: Finally got to see the whole thing; a really great movie with an important message for all political leaders (or leaders in general). Kevin Kline's awesome.

Private U (ca) wrote: Best. B. Ninja. Movie. Ever.

bill s (ca) wrote: Selleck's early Magnum era work is big waves better than his work today.This often overlooked action adventure is a tad fluffy but fun.

bill b (us) wrote: Thats the original texas... before the TV SERIES which sucked!!!This one is good.HEY BY THE WAYMoments after inventing the telephone, Graham Bell realised he had two missed calls from Chuck Norris!!!!

Paavo I (es) wrote: If you're after anything that even remotely resembles a coherent movie with a story, continuity and even decent acting, best stay away from this one. However, if you're after some camp 60's fun with comic book logics and visuals so colorful it'll make your eyes blurry, go ahead. I wish there were more silly fight scenes like in the comics, though.

John A (ca) wrote: Charles Bronson & Jill Ireland star in their final film together, this run of the mill action thriller from 1987. The plot may be basic but it's a good enough one to build action sequences upon. Bronson is a secret service agent put in charge of the first lady's (Jill Ireland) protection detail as she becomes a target for assassination. The film however has bad writing and is very sloppy made. Bronson's performance is wooden, & Ireland's comes off as extremely annoying. Jill Ireland was battling cancer when this was being filmed and it shows as she looks extremely drawn in. A decent enough plot to build a good pace and decent action sequences make this an enjoyable film.

Sarah T O (ca) wrote: heartwarming, inspiring, real-life stories of the magic of music. A must-see.

Andrew L (fr) wrote: The film appears have an uplifting story of suvival in the inner caves but it's the characters that spoils the film with lots of slow starts and moments that didn't seem interesting. Some of the elements I really enjoy is the underwater cinematography and sound effects.

Jack C (nl) wrote: A watchable fantasy film. Not the best in the world though.