Querida voy a comprar cigarrillos y vuelvo

Querida voy a comprar cigarrillos y vuelvo

The film takes places in different time periods and countries. It narrates the story of a common man, who after entering into a deal with a strange character with superpowers, has the ...

The film takes places in different time periods and countries. It narrates the story of a common man, who after entering into a deal with a strange character with superpowers, has the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Querida voy a comprar cigarrillos y vuelvo torrent reviews

Brad C (au) wrote: You need to watch this one! A great chick flick! :)

Abigail M (us) wrote: hilary was adorable!!!

Sumit K (es) wrote: this movie is very well made , i was in the fourth standard when it came out and couldn't appreciate its appeal for grownups..loved it when i watched ten years later..consider this dialogue for example "agar raj ko kuch hua to yaad rakhna , main aaj bhi wohi dhanraaj hoon jo chauda saal pehle tha "...come to think of it , movies in 1988 did not run due to a youth appeal alone which is the case now...this movie had it all...masala,dialogues,music...a star was born and a classic too !!

Sidney S (kr) wrote: At first I was very skeptical about seeing this film due to the "intense" subject matter and suggestive scenes. I have read controversies and criticisms but in the end decided to watch it purely for the fact that Al Pacino is my favourite actor and he is in this film.With that out of the way Cruising despite its often disturbing, disgusting subject matter is an underrated despite controversial film. This film is one of the most gritty films I have ever seen, its dark, haunting and no doubt a film that after seeing will leave you with questions that will never be answered. Al Pacino gives us one powerhouse performance as Steve Burns the cop who is selected to go undercover. Upon being undercover he experiences fear, uncertainty but his character also has a drive to solve these brutal murders. Pacino's character's performance is driven by his movement and facial expressions showing the emotion of his character. Burns is never the same after having been undercover, how could he be. He has changed but upon the film's end you are going to ask how much did he change, and into what (see the film for details). William Freidkin director of The French Connection and The Exorcist brought to life this questionable and dark film. From the uneasy opening all the way to the film's ending the plot will always keep you interested. The use of dark images, shadows and its overall gritty style is perfectly manipulated in this film and is no doubt a pre curser to films such as Seven and The Silence of the Lambs in terms of look and style. The eerie music fits the film greatly as well as the "who's here...I'm here" call the killer uses, its creepy. Cruising's "who dun nit" storyline in an attempt by the NYPD to track down this killer leaves you with an ambiguous ending an ending where its pretty much in your hands to decide what it means.The film despite having its criticisms due to its subject matter is actually a very well made film with great performances. Pacino is able to keep you hooked on the screen from the moment he enters the film he is truly the master of the screen. However to get a more definite opinion on the ending I suggest multiple viewings of the film.

Maya B (ag) wrote: Heartwarming and irresistibly cute. Amazing true story.

David S (ca) wrote: My favourite Eastwood film (along with 'High Plains Drifter') and surprisingly one of his less known directorial efforts. This film has a bit of everything for me: the spy element I'm used to with Bond (and with a great John Williams score), a fun training section with Kennedy and finally the Eiger climb which still looks effective even by todays standards. Add Eastwood to the mix and a fun performance from Cassidy as an over-the-top gay former friend/enemy (with a dog called Faggot, for god's sake!) and you have the makings of a great 70's thriller.