Quest For Zhu

Quest For Zhu

The heartwarming tale of four lively young teens (who just happen to be hamsters) on a questto find the Palace of Zhu, where they believe all their dreams will come true.Join the feisty and lovable Pipsqueak,Mr. Squiggles, Chunk, Num Nums, and Stinker as she gets swept away to the other side of the Zhuniverse.

The film tells a tale of a journey of four young teen to track down the Palace of Zhu where they believe can make their dream come true. After finding out Palace of Zhu, one of them realize that she had everything she ever wanted so she is eager to come back home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (br) wrote: Very interesting concept, solid film.

Mckaila W (it) wrote: Anything Jeff Dunham related.... Oh yeah, i'll watch it ??? !

Diane L (ag) wrote: Actually a go thriller!

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Gina P (de) wrote: admittedly, I didn't watch all of it, but what I did watch was upsetting, depressing, and more than a little boring. I didn't like the documentary style and didn't think it was informative enough.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: Excellent police drama with great performances by all cast members, but particularly Anthony Wong. Deserves all the acclaim it gets, a great look at police corruption. The fact that I love this film when I was expecting it to be a horror movie (my favourite genre) and it turned out to be a drama speaks very highly of it indeedydoo.

Grant H (mx) wrote: Pretty good movie. Pretty funny, somewhat sweet, great performances from Kline and Ryan.

Javier D (nl) wrote: Mi version de esta pelicula tiene cuatro y no tres historias, porque la historia que rodo el director Mario Monicelli y que se llama "Renzo y Lucia" no se distribuyo internacionalmente, y trata de una pareja que trabaja en la misma planta y que se ven obligados a ocultar su matrimonio a su jefe para no ser despedidos. A todo esto porque desean una casa ya que viven de arrimados en la de los padres de Lucia. Finalmente se descubre la verdad. La ironia es que una vez que logran conseguir la casa, no pueden vivir juntos ya que tienen el horario desfasado, cuando uno entra el otro sale. Las Tentaciones del Dr Antonio de Fellini trata sobre un hombre que tiene que luchar contra un panoramico instalado frente a su consultorio que muestra a una chica que para publicitar una marca de leche ense#a sus "atributos naturales" El Trabajo de Visconti trata sobre la venganza de una esposa ante los desvanos de su marido. La ultima es La Rifa de Vittorio de Sica. Es una divertida comedia Napolitana. Una mujer (Sophia Loren) vende boletos para acostarse con el premiado para asi obtener dinero y pagar sus deudas. El ganador reulta ser el sacristan del pueblo. Y todos quieren comprarle en billete...

Garry A (ag) wrote: Loses half a star for featuring a lead vampire who looks like he should be in a Pet Shop Boys tribute act.