Questa notte è ancora nostra

Questa notte è ancora nostra


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Ray L (kr) wrote: Shallow and poorly done propaganda for a vegan diet. The arguments presented were emotion based, with little information regarding human nutrition or current scientific research about diet and health. It made some excellent points about the ugly aspects of factory meat farming, which we should all pay attention to, be ashamed of, and work to correct. But in the film it is as if it does not matter what we eat as long as it is not flesh. We were shown an endless stream of junk food that was termed ok just because it contained no meat. No solutions to the problems presented were examined other than veganism.

Robert S (kr) wrote: I just saw this film last night and felt that it was a very interesting and well-made slant on zombie films. While it didn't have as much gore and "brain munching" it did hold up well, and seemed to actually be more of a WWII film with zombies layered over it than a zombie film that took place during WWII. Not that is a bad thing, especially as by now, most of these zombie films seem to be just knock-offs of each other. This one was different, and that makes it well worth watching.

Kenneth B (au) wrote: There are some interesting parallels between this and the recent Spring Breakers. Like Selina Gomez this was Hathaway shedding her teeny credentials. In fact that both films come with similar plots and morals. That is where the interest ends though because like Spring Breakers this is vacuous and almost entirely not compelling.

Henna K (gb) wrote: been ages since i last saw this film.. its amazing.

Zachary M (it) wrote: An original Godzilla movie was a rarity at his point in the franchise. The monster actually looks physically like one of Godzilla's best, but the film is only just 'fine'. With physic girls and physic flowers, it is a strange movie, but a fine one for the series.

BetsyLou V (ru) wrote: random austalian films late at night are usually a good bet (see afraid to dance) and this one is no exception. Theere's a wonderful pilgrimage to a late night garage for munchies and Nique Needles does a great job in a great morning after the night before sequence.

Luke A (kr) wrote: Funny movie, lots of laugh out loud moments. good sit back comedy movie

Federico F (fr) wrote: an explosive cocktail of adventure and suspense with the incredible heroine Jennifer Lawrence, in a visionary masterpiece by director Gary Ross