Questo piccolo grande amore

Questo piccolo grande amore

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Zahid C (kr) wrote: Day: ThursdayDate: 8 May 2014Time: 9.30 pmWith: MaaOn: HDTV

William H (br) wrote: I liked the movie but didnt go for very long. It was different from most westerns but I liked the hardness of the time period and thought it was an interesting story.

Garry S (us) wrote: Interesting look at the early days of apple, talking to the original design team and hearing the stories. Not all of the stories are happy, Some are critical, but that's what makes it a rounded doc.This was made in 2008 - and it's interesting to hear everyone's opinion of apple post Steve Jobs. They are bang on with their predictions.

Giannis K (au) wrote: kalo to thema kai aksiologo alla .... amerikania

David W (es) wrote: it was the best movie ever

Samuel F (jp) wrote: Jackson's finest hour (or 4), with an all star cast too long to write down on paper. The quality of this masterpiece can only derive from what was always a faultless series of must-read books by Tolkien. The movie may be too long for some viewers, but there was not a second that was not filled with stunning action holding its own even in this day and age of CGI, drama and passion stemming from tragic romance and brotherhood, or the beauty of displaying life's mysteries on film. A very fitting and well deserved ending to the unforgettable saga that is 'The Lord of the Rings'; any avid fantasy moviegoer will be upset only with the fact that it ends.

Andrew L (ag) wrote: This is one of Ed Wood's better attempts at a legitimately good film, whether this is because of the other people involved were more skilled or Ed got lucky is anyone's guess. With that being said, its still an Ed Wood film so sit back and enjoy the badness.

Kevin C (ag) wrote: After Saving Private Ryan This Movie Comes Close In The Modern Day