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Heather J (au) wrote: I didnt get the humor in this film, maybe because it is a french movie. I usually love a good frenchie but this one just didnt quite do it for me. I may have not been in the right headspace at the time of watching it but I found it to be a tad bit boring.

Alex B (fr) wrote: Truly great but directors cut is better

Silke B (ag) wrote: A strange movie about a study by the svedish government to create the perfect kitchen unit for norwegian households. For this study employees have to observe those single-mans kitchen. They sit on a highchair and watch. After a short while and after it came out why the probands were attending the study in the first place (because every norwegian hates Sveden and wouldn't have attended without being tamed by adequate payment), some of the observer begin to make serious mistakes. They talk to the norwegians, drink coffee with them and start to like them! It is no longer clear who is observing whom and who is the intruder in the other mans life.In the beginning I was a bit disappointed, because the movie starts out as a comedy. Later it reveals it's potential and shows, that it's a gem. Bizarre characters, loneliness and at last: tolerance and the outbreak from the 'working, drinking, sleep-routine'.

Amanda B (ca) wrote: It's no Girl Interrupted.

Amanda L (mx) wrote: interesting... great ending

Shannon M (au) wrote: Great commentary on the afterlife

Jolayne M (mx) wrote: How anyone got Jackie Gleason to agree to do a movie like this I'll never know. For the last half of the film his character's on acid. I believe this should be required watching for anyone entering the organized crime world or planning to get married.

Justin S (jp) wrote: A fine movie and a fine piece of art.And a very good soundtrack.I would recommend it to everyone who likes Filmnoir

Thomas D (it) wrote: There's guilty pleasure movies, and then there's the garbage like Underworld that take themselves way too seriously in an attempt to make silly action fun. What could pass as an entertaining and visually dazzling cable watch ends up as a confusing romp of a fantasy adventure.I'm a fan of Kate Beckinsale. I think when she's used right, she's of immense value to any film she's a part of. Take Love & Friendship from earlier this year for example; she was given a solid script and the room to use her British wit & charm in a rewarding performance. Sure she's gorgeous to look at in Underworld, but I can't help but think that the writing didn't allow her to truly show her chops. With that said, her ability is clearly superior to the awful supporting cast. Some of the supporting performances (Shane Brolly) are disappointingly off-putting.Much like a ton of early 2000's action films, Underworld suffers from trying to emulate The Matrix too much. It's always raining, the action scenes are darkly lit, and the characters are in a constant slow motion gaze during the shootouts and fights. I can't necessarily blame Underworld for having bad action, it was simply a product of its time. In fact, there are some good looking stunts here, most of them in camera as well. That's when Underworld is at its most appealing.When Underworld takes itself too seriously and the story is bogged down by exposition scenes (that actually make the film more confusing) it's no fun. The reason I went back and began the franchise this many years later is because I was hoping to have a fun franchise to go to the theaters for in a few weeks with Blood Wars being released. Whether I stick with the franchise or not, I'm not sure. But I know one thing for sure, Underworld's first film is painful to watch.+Beckinsale is watchable+Some nice stunt sequences-Really bad script/dialogue-Supporting performances-Ultimately generic4.8/10

Farah R (kr) wrote: I don't know if it's because I'm watching this for the first time decades later, but it's so bad it's frustrating. The terrible visual effects and dizzying camera motions make it impossible to watch.

Timmy H (es) wrote: eh, but if on TV its worth a watch.

Trevor D (nl) wrote: This personally-stamped, beautifully shot art-house vampire film is a perfect companion to the silent original (and certainly not as redundant or devoid of passion as your average remake). Kinski and Adjani are simply hypnotic on screen. The moments of black humor are perfectly crafted, even if the grim-- but thoroughly Herzogian-- ending lacks the satisfactory dramatic punch of Murnau's film.

CB M (au) wrote: McGregor and Blunt are wonderful in this fairly standard romantic development. Scott Thomas provides most of the laughs in a hilarious performance.

Thullin K (au) wrote: Always thought the one was over-rated and boring...... people now days just seem to like it because they think it's the trending thing to do!...... It is the most widely accepted mainstream movie of inmoral glorification and negative promotion ever!

Ashley H (it) wrote: The Giver is a disappointing film. It is about a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the "real" world. Brenton Thwaites and Jeff Bridges give horrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. Phillip Noyce did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture. I probably would have liked the movie better if I had read the book.

Michelle L (us) wrote: Movie was terrible, with over-the-top props and effects, coupled with blatantly unnecessary scariness. Absolutely no plotline, and a failure of a movie overall.

Bruno V (fr) wrote: Well liked seeing the bildings calapse and hit buy a tsunami and the eartquakes for sure ! Best movie with " The Rock " seen ever . Did Kylie Minogue survive it all ? Cool !

Gabe S (ca) wrote: Every award show should be less than five minutes long. Michael Shannon walks the red carpet, wins all the awards... roll credits.

Tara V (ag) wrote: I've been trying to watch all the movies in Danny Peary's book, Cult Movies. His essay about the film added a lot to my appreciation of a film I really enjoyed.!) He enumerates the ways Lewton respectfully and richly treats the characters who are female, and those who are black. Pretty unusual at the time.2) The flavour of the voodoo zombie in the picture. I thought it was a lot like how they were explained in the book of The Serpent and The Rainbow, and Peary says it "visualized the zombie of William Seabrook's The Magic Island", another book. I'll take these ones over fast zombies any day.2) The absence of violence or scary images, relying on atmosphere to creep us out. Really, the worst these zombies do is walk toward a person but it's still pretty great. I dunno if I'd agree with Peary that it isn't really a horror film.4) He cites Lewton's 'secret intent' to make "'Jane Eyre in the West Indies'...a young female in a house with a man and his insane wife." That is so bang on.