William Byron Hillman's family comedy Quigley stars Gary Busey as a cold-hearted billionaire. Early in the film he dies. After dying, he learns that he will only get into heaven if he learns lessons about compassion and selflessness. In order to have a chance, he is reincarnated on Earth as a Pomeranian. As a dog, he seeks to undo much of the damage he inflicted on those around him when he was human.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dog,   white dog,  

A despicable person is reincarnated as a dog in order to atone for his life's big mistakes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Quigley torrent reviews

CG C (br) wrote: was truly intrigued. interesting concept.

Oscar H (jp) wrote: Tidsreseaction med inslag av Braveheart (nja) som d och d r lite finurlig, men som mestadels knns som en trtt urskt till sommarblockbuster. Men s har jag heller aldrig varit srskilt intresserad av tappra riddare, lortiga borgar och Gerard Butlers krngliga accenter.

Manu G (it) wrote: Life doesn't play by the rules. Mediocre movie! Overall this is not the `worst film ever made', those who tell you that have clearly have a limited viewing experience; many of the reviews were made harsher by the back lash against the whole Bennifer thing. However that's not to say they are wrong - only overly harsh. The film is poorly judged in almost every aspect and is too hard to enjoy as a result. Has about 3 good moments in it, but it is an overwhelming shambles. Gigli, a lowly and inept hitman, is assigned a job by the mob to kidnap a mentally retarded brother of a California district attorney. Gigli abducts the brother from his mental hospital and holds him hostage in his apartment. Ricki, a "lesbian assassin", is sent to oversee Gigli's job and make sure he doesn't screw it up. Comedic high jinks ensue as the two go on the lam and start to fall in love.

Princess Karikachan (br) wrote: I love this movie so much, especially Dean Cameron's character.

Bill T (it) wrote: Simply dreadful conclusion to the Bulldog Drummond series of films. Badly edited, with major plot and continuity problems, this has Drummond looking for the mad man who wants to control the world via infrasound waves. Don't waaaaaste your tiiiiime.

Ryan H (ag) wrote: A simple idea that doesn't seem like it would be able to carry past 10 minutes, but Bunuel keeps interest for 45. Simon's basically the most religious guy in the world that wasn't Jesus himself. He stays up on a column and prays to God so that he's a closer link to men. He's on a small column at first, then in the beginning is moved to a taller column. He never leaves either except for the cross between two. And Satan has decided he wants to tempt Simon and pull him away from God. Some people doubt Simon and others try to set him up as a fake. And when Simon feels like he falters (like letting Satan as a woman trick him into believing he's a holy man), he punishes himself by standing on one foot for an entire day. And in the end, I forget exactly what happens, but Satan takes Simon away and to 1960s New York to a club. When he says he wants to go back Satan says they already found another spiritual man to take his place. Is that the way the world works? One spiritual leader leaves and they get another to fill the void? Bunuel was a surrealist which means that not everything has a point, but I think the beauty of art is that it can turn out to mean something the author might not have originally intended. In modern day, dancing and going to clubs aren't thought of as a sin, but set against the 4th century these people are terrible heathens. It's funny to see the two time periods and beliefs juxtaposed. In "My Last Sigh," Bunuel clearly states that he's an atheist. If you ask me, he's just pointing out that people carry God through time and make him out to be whatever works for them. Whatever he was then isn't what he is now. What was once punishable by death would now kill every single person. A great short feature that's filled with dry comedy and interesting characters.