During a future ice age, dying humanity occupies its remaining time by playing a board game called Quintet. For one small group, this obsession is not enough. They play the game with living pieces, and only the winner survives.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:English,Latin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   wood,  

During a future ice age, dying humanity occupies its remaining time by playing a board game called "Quintet." For one small group, this obsession is not enough; they play the game with living pieces ... and only the winner survives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Werewolf K (us) wrote: It had great potential.

Tim M (ru) wrote: Comedy, Family, Children, Thriller, Drama. I haven't seen a movie this transgenre since Kontroll. I liked Kontroll a lot more because it had Action and Crime replacing the genres Family and Children. The goofy sounding Thai language only helps so much. It simply tries to be too much and instead of being one good film, it's a collage of several great ones. Kontroll managed to pull off the smorgasbord, Dorm fails. This sucker drags on and on, it's really more of a TV mini-series than a movie.

John M (nl) wrote: A few good songs in it, but even the volume is all bungled up, making it not worthwhile unless you are a delinquent juvenile with visions of taiwanese-blinged grandeur

Kurt C (nl) wrote: I couldn't stop laughing! What a fun movie.

Connor C (br) wrote: stupid acting is dum and it shows a 4 year old beating up grown men. Really?

Scott C (gb) wrote: I love the director and I love the era. There's so much talent involved that I wouldn't mind giving it a second chance.

Anthony J (nl) wrote: The Twilight Zone definitely had its controversy, but the 4 four stories told (3 of them remakes) were remarkable pieces that deserve quite a bit of praise. It's very difficult to pick my favorite, but I'd have to go with segment 3. A little boy named Anthony possesses the power to acquire anything his little heart desires, just by simply wishing for it. Much to the dismay of his family.

Eric J (de) wrote: Not sure about this one. Willing to give it a try.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Nice crime storyline, although the dual role for Dev Anand can get confusing at times.

James H (br) wrote: 62/100. This Gene Autry western is lighter and more amusing than most and quite entertaining. It has the usual good songs. Nothing great but I enjoyed it, especially seeing Gene more mischievous than usual.

Dalia D (gb) wrote: Speedy is a young man who doesn't have the dedication to hold any job down for more than a week; mostly, he's only interested in the Yankees. When we first see him (this is the movie's best scene), he's working as a soda jerk, making phone calls to his connection at Yankee Stadium between orders to find out the score, which he then spells out for the guys in the kitchen by lining up donuts (0), eclairs (1) and a half-eaten pretzel (3) in the two-tiered pastry window. He quickly loses that job and takes another, driving a cab, but can't seem to have any luck finding a passenger, until he picks up Babe Ruth, drives him to Yankee Stadium, and abandons his cab in the middle of the street to watch the game. Unfortunately, his seat is right behind that of his boss, and he loses that job, too. Meanwhile, his girlfriend's grandpa runs the very last horse-drawn train in the city, and the railroad company has been trying to buy him out so that they can take over his track. That car is his life, and it performs double-duty as the clubhouse for all of the neighborhood workers, so he refuses to give it up without a fight, turning down their offers for piddly sums and holding out for a bigger payment of $10,000. Speedy, seeing in the paper that without grandpa's track, the railroad merger will never go through, changes grandpa's request to $70,000. Outraged, the railroad boss decides to engage in a bit of foul play, stealing the car so that it won't be able to operate for 24 hours, thereby causing gramps to lose his right to the track. Speedy saves the day, locating the cart and racing it against the clock back to the track. This movie features another great riot scene, in which the local tradesmen (some of them old enough that they have their Civil War uniforms) battle the bad guys in the street, and it also features an awesome long Coney Island sequence earlier on, when Speedy takes his girl out for a date and they eat their way along the boardwalk, win more prizes than they can carry home, and are adopted by a tenaciously cute dog who will end up helping Speedy save grandpa's train. Coney Island, Yankee Stadium, Chinatown; pools, taxis, horses, dogs, soda fountains, and the subway: new New York isn't so different than old New York, although it seems less romantic these days.

Juliano K (ag) wrote: Sweet, honest predictable and yet, a very well done movie!!!