Quo vadis Zivorade

Quo vadis Zivorade


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Quo vadis Zivorade torrent reviews

Ilja L (de) wrote: Very important movie about food and climate

Pedro C (ag) wrote: very funny movie it reminds me when a was younger

Lisa H (nl) wrote: Not great, not even good, but not bad either. Its one of those that you turn on for back ground noise.

Erin D (au) wrote: very good film. WAY better than the book

Shelly l (nl) wrote: AHHHHHH friends........

Anna B (us) wrote: Painfully bad. Almost unwatchably amateurish.

Angie T (br) wrote: Um....did some producer just have too much money on their hands???

Keti S (br) wrote: one of the movies that you must watch while alive

Hama S (br) wrote: Christopher Lee's best role

Octavian (ru) wrote: [Interested: cannot find.]

Joe L (ca) wrote: A bit campy for Clive Barker, but just great twisted fun.Edit: Watched the director's cut version (thanks to Netflix...woohoo), and it's in my opinion much better than theatrical release. It fills in a lot of plot holes as well as adding a bit more background to Boone and Lori love story plus characters. Oh and the Midian battle seems more epic. Plus the ending is way better imho and seems more of a Clive Barker ending.

Tanya P (fr) wrote: Inutterably brilliant. In collection. A brilliant play, brilliantly made into a movie. In collection

Marcy B (es) wrote: oh young james caan...i liked this movie

Joseph C (kr) wrote: A superb movie. A cinematic simplicity and perfection, so rare.

Gerry S (it) wrote: A documentary of the middle age crisis of a man. Displayed no acting skills. Terrible waste of my time and money.

Christopher S (fr) wrote: I thought It had an almost B-side feel to it. Great actors in a not so great movie with above average action scenes.