Before introverted word-nerd Zoe gains the courage to enter the National Scrabble Championship, she meets her emotional match in Marty, an irascible recluse. She finds him equally pitted against the opposing forces in her life - other people - including family, co-workers and a couple of particularly irksome adversaries standing in the way of her dream to become the world's second female National Scrabble Champion.

This entertaining and heartwarming romantic comedy follows introverted 'word-nerd' Zoe, whose life is turned upside down when she meets her emotional match in irascible weirdo Marty. Before... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellie L (mx) wrote: didn't realize this was a true story. but nonetheless it was still a sappy portrayal of his testament. "hollywood" version of it all. no doubt of the events. couldn't have come at a better time

Ayesha A (br) wrote: The plot tried very hard at times to give the impression of depth but fails miserably in all respects.

Ben H (au) wrote: I thought the movie was well done. Provided the average person may not completely understand everything that the WTO entails or what not but the message still gets across about what both sides are fighting for. And I think that message gets across more vividly and connects with us as an audience when you experience it with characters in a fictional or non-fictional storyline that goes along with this tragic event. Why Titanic (the highest grossing movie ever) worked.

Orlok W (us) wrote: Gripping,Powerful Drama About Facing The Ogre--Forget the Swastikas; Enjoy the Adventure!!

David G (ru) wrote: It was crazy, and it knew that, so I liked it for what it was.

Buggy B (ag) wrote: This was pretty good for such a dry, slow-burning movie, it drags at times but still manages to keep a level of tension and suspense going throughout. Ultimately it was the strong performances from both Chris Cooper and Ryan Phillippe that saved this for me. Cooper is intense and creepy displaying a range of mystique. Laura Linney as his handler was quite bitchy. Ryan plays an FBI Trainee who is assigned to keep en eye on a fellow agent suspected of selling information to the soviets. Its his first real case and initially he's not even sure what he's looking for. 7/17/14

Jenn M (br) wrote: Oh dear Lord, this was just...wow...and not Ina. good way either.Basically we have Halle Berry who is either really good in a role or really bad, this was the latter. Unfortunately she couldn't have made this story or writing any good anyways Hippie type, eccentric graphic designer sees something she isn't supposed to, dies, is brought back to life by magical cat, turns into cat woman, steals things, becomes "bad ass" and saves the world?yawn.

Peter P (jp) wrote: Some of this movie is awesome, pretty much all the stuff where Bill Murray and Robert De Niro share screen time. Some of this movie is not awesome, pretty much all the Uma Thurman stuff, especially all the needless nudity and the very long awkward sex scene. So this is a mixed bag, but where else will you see Bill Murray and De Niro is a school yard fight? And that makes it worth watching it all on its own.

Asif K (ca) wrote: not interested ... looks awful

Claire C (jp) wrote: Really easy to watch. Moore in top form. Nice to watch a young Paul Reiser also. Funny premise - and the ad campaigns make it worth the view alone.

Justin A (ru) wrote: It has all the ridiculousness you expect for this kind of movie, and I felt like I was watching early 90s USA channel stuff again, but the fights were so slow and choreographed. It wasn't even exciting or impressive. There is a pretty fun action sequence in the middle of the movie with a ninja being dragged by a truck, but other than that the lead is a corpse and the movie is forgettable.

Todd A (nl) wrote: Proof that you can trick people into an artsy film by filling it with bare breasts and crude humor.

Olivier B (it) wrote: Zack Snyder brings us a zombie movie that's better than many zombie movies actually, with over-the-top action sequences and with some original moments. The first 10 minutes and the last half-hour are outstanding!

Jonathan B (ag) wrote: If Pirates of the Caribbean is firmly for the kids then Master and Commander is for grown-ups. It is gritty and uncompromising in its depiction of life under sail in the early 1800s. Russell Crowe plays Patrick O'Brian's fictional sea captain, "Lucky" Jack Aubrey and he proves what a fine actor he can be. He oozes charisma as he plays a cat-and-mouse game with a French ship in and around South American waters. It gives a no-holds-barred vision of life below decks on a Napoleonic vessel. It is exciting and has some terrific battle scenes. There's a genuine feel for the close-knit camaraderie between the officers and lower ranking men that was so necessary to keep such vessels afloat. As well as Crowe, Paul Bettany puts in a good turn as the ship's doctor and proto-Darwin naturalist. It is something of a shame that this film never went on to be a franchise as there is certainly more material to mine and plenty of characters to be explored.

Liam P (us) wrote: It's a complete mess. But some great set design and Dennis Hopper awesome performance and charisma keep the film from being completely unwatchable. It's bad but not on the level of other video game movies like Doom, Double Dragon or Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

John A (au) wrote: Critically Seagal's Best Film. This Reunites Seagal With Director Andrew Davis (Above The Law, The Fugitive), For A Fun, Action/Thriller That May Be Predictable But Is Extremely Entertaining. This Thriller Has Some Great Writing, Solid Directing And A Show-Stealing Performance From Tommy Lee Jones (Which Without Would Make The Film Fall Flat). The Direction Creates A Claustrophobic Atmosphere Which Gives This A Realism To It. Compiled With Nice Short Action Sequences And An Excellently Choreographed Knife Fight.