On 07 January 1972, the South Korean base in Nah-Trang, Vietnam, receives a radio transmission from a missing platoon presumed dead.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English,Korean,French,Vietnamese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,   explosion,   medal,  

On 07 January 1972, the South Korean base in Nah-Trang, Vietnam, receives a radio transmission from a missing platoon presumed dead. The high-command assigns the veteran and decorated ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (br) wrote: If you can put up with a large chunk of pretentious dialogue this is a well thought through love story with a good heart.

Annie M (kr) wrote: This movie angers me.

Mikhail B (br) wrote: A cool, slightly crazy look at the world of creative advertisement. A high-flying advertising executive spins in a vicious circle of drugs, girls, money and dull creative meetings with clients. Tired of his job he tries to find a way to quit, but just keeps getting promoted. Interestingly, the director tries to re-create the way of his thinking by drafting how the events should unfold, including the most bizarre option, that usually turns out to be the protagonist's nightmare and the real chain of events, that is often not much more 'normal'. The movie quickly grasps the attention and keeps the audience in the stream of the crazy action throughout the movie.

J K (fr) wrote: Might be cool if John Rhys Davies sports his Gimli accent from Lord of the Rings.

Patrick Y (ag) wrote: Top off beat comedy road movie from The Man Bites Dog team. Usual black humour and satire you would expect, not to be missed. Look beyond the subtitles and experience humour from another country.

David L (ag) wrote: Its a moving documentary of one year in the life of the children in southern France. Aspiring teachers should see this because it will not only touch and move you, but it will make you rethink how one should approach education --with patience, kindness, and a will to see your pupils succeed. Through Msr. Lopez, these children mature and learn and in the process bond with one another as well as their teacher. Truly quite marvelous and heartwarming.

Alex r (ru) wrote: In terms of Straight to DVD horror films, Shredder is a pointless Slasher film with your typical genre clichs and it has a boring, wooden cast that are plainly terrible. Shredder is a film that misses the mark and offers nothing new to the genre. I expected something decent, as it had an interesting setting, but it just fell apart due to lacking ideas, and poorly thought out moments that just don't gel together. Shredder is a film that should have been much better, and for what it is, it doesn't do anything to grab your attention, and it lacks anything memorable, entertaining or fun. Low Budget Slashers are good, but this one is awful, and if you're looking for something quite good with plenty of effective chills and awesome gore, give the Hatchet trilogy a shot, which are far more elaborate than this dull affair. Shredder is collection of clichs, and formulaic ideas and it just doesn't do anything of note to appeal to genre fans. I really wanted to enjoy this one, but overall this was a horrible film, and if you're thinking about seeing it, it's not worth it, as there are far better films in the genre than this. Skit this film, as it's just a poorly acted and directed effort with no emphasis on building actual tension, therefore the film is absolutely ridiculous, and ranks among one of the worst Straight to DVD Slasher films that I have seen in quite some time. The kill sequences are boring and predictable and the cast should have taken acting classes, as they're pretty bad here. Shredder looks and feels like a low budget film, and it has a film school vibe to it, which really doesn't help. Avoid the film if you're a horror fan, you'll be glad you did.

Kevin N (gb) wrote: Solid, not great, but clever

Andy A (kr) wrote: It's on cable right now. Deliciously bad. Totally 80's. It is like those Chinese finger cuffs. The harder I struggle (to change the channel), the more into the cheese I get. Where is Justine Bateman these days?

Brian B (es) wrote: Full of surreal touches and unique characters "Castle Keep" is one of the oddest war films released by a major studio. The film is basically a discussion on the value of art disguised as a war programmer. The dreamy visuals by the legendary cameraman Henri Deca give the movie a magical look, and Michel Legrand's music adds touches of baroque weirdness.Burt Lancaster, sporting a Nick Fury eye patch, portrays the stoic leader and he is ably supported by a great supporting cast especially Peter Falk as a soldier who would rather be a baker.

Chelsea L (ag) wrote: it is da best film eva

Cliff M (gb) wrote: Outstanding Sci-fi that is actually quite scary. That's tense and bold in its approach. Brilliant.

Louise R (it) wrote: Cary Grant played a sensitive part in this movie as a Dad-Irene as Julie was good as a sensitive parent also-it was kind of a tragic ending- about adopting children -Trina was not the prettiest child i have seen but she had character

Lee A (ag) wrote: Great movie with excellent timing!!!!

Tamara S (es) wrote: I loved this movie to pieces and could not stop watching it. I love, love, this movie and like the acting, cinematography, setting and fashion. It is a good tale of not going far enough for the thing we want. I think it highlighted another personality we overlook sometimes the person who hurts you and claims to love you. I could not have been happier with this story. Some of the dialogue seemed out of place and not really spot on. But I have watched it a zillion times and got online and looked it up and I will choose it again. Kate Hudson made me hate her predatory personality while Ginnefer Goodwin made me root for a breakup! I am so bowled over by Colin Egglesfield a Soap Opera Alum who is so convincing and SEXY in this movie. you have to see this movie.

Film C (mx) wrote: A waste of plot briefly saved by a few laughs!

Bill M (au) wrote: The spirit of the 80's is alive and well in Michael Dougherty's wonderfully malicious Krampus, it's a big part Gremlins, a bit Poltergeist and with a dose of Jim Henson's creepy puppet masterpieces Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, it's like an extra edgy Amblin film, a true treat for children of the 80's. It starts like an extra magnified version of Christmas Vacation, with the most unpleasant family since the MacCallister's stuck together for the holidays, after a briliant opening scene depicting the horror of black friday esc lunacy at a department store it admittedly does get a little stuck at first as it has one of those scripts that you wish was just a little bit wittier and funnier than it is, but once shit goes down this film kicks in to a higher gear, and it's awesome. The film shifts in to an all out siege movie, and the horror stuff is far stronger and even occasionally scarier than you'd first expect, and as it goes on we're inundated with some of the most insanely satisfying creatures effects in a film in a long time, the incredible creations here evoke the anarchic spirit of Henson's workshop, and remind one of being traumatized by the sheer disturbing vividness and seeming life those terrifying puppets possessed (think the goblins in Labyrinth, the skeksis is Dark Crystal or of course the gremlins themselves) this is also a film that has the courage of it's convictions, it truly is a misanthropic, pessimistic view of Christmas and all it's hollow promise, it takes Gremlins nasty attitude to the season even further and with little of the cosy respite that film offered. It's also a fucking great time, an evil, black hearted, scary, hilarious creature feature, that works as comedy, satire, horror and Christmas film that you truly should show your kids for fucks sake, it's a perfect my first horror film, not too hard but right on that acceptable line (sometimes over it) but perfect to sit down with them and give them a healthy dose of their first creepfest, little shrink wrapped fuckers could do with being a little scarred. Merry Christmas!!