Pooja's rich uncles try to forcibly marry her off and Raam rescues her from this marriage. She falls in love with him, but her uncles don't approve of him. Now it is up to Raam to win their hearts.

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Raam torrent reviews

Rosa L (jp) wrote: "Some reviewers said that they could not feel the emotions despite the gory scenes and horrifying conditions the movie paints. (by the way it was a very artistic and a beautiful film to watch) I believe this is due to the emotional triggers used by the director being fairly "Chinese" and it may be harder for a complete non-Chinese to resonate with these triggers. Refugee actors learned to speak in authentic Henan dialect, giving the film a very earthly, visceral, homely-to-that-region feel that contrasted with the more Beijing Mandarin spoken by the national government officials. The movie was intense and appropriately peppered with black humor (the nonchalant-numbness or weariness being part of it). If the emotions were any less "subtle," any more pronounced or melodramatic, it would detract from the movie and cause the emotions to feel "fake". The "muffling" effect actually characterizes how the Chinese people "dealt with" a long history of oppression, injustice, atrocities and national tragedies. The muffledness of the story imparted the right hue of emotions, such as deep despair, sorrow, weariness, shock, starvation and exhaustion. Rag dolls under extreme duress without any choice other than yielding to the most terrible of circumstances. I truly felt that the way the director treated it was spot on and not "bland" like some find it.Certain connection points were not entirely bullseye logical, even imbecilic (nevertheless in a very realistic way); but the rest of the movie makes up for this flaw. It was also very interesting to see a monochromatic but accurate painting of human flaw in the governors that would be small on a personal scale but catastrophic on a provincial and national level. Totally worth watching and deserving of a higher rating than it has received here. Reviews on Netflix are pretty good and quite educational.

Ron T (us) wrote: Typical sweet gay coming-of-age tale.

Phil T (es) wrote: Big blueprint for the far superior The Martian but decent enough to watch if there's nothing else on!

Terri H (it) wrote: The tv series was brill! I loved it as a young teen Wonder if this movie works. Might be worth watching now I'm that wee bit older.

Nicki T (gb) wrote: Love this movie...my husband and I danced to the theme song' after all' at our wedding

angel m (nl) wrote: I Feel like im In candyland :) I Get a little Tickel in my hart when I see Movies like this!! I Love it when she sings strange fruit By billy holliday just thee best And Piano man I Cryed cause thats how life rilly is out their.. Druggs Dont care What your name is Death Is Not Picky He/She Takes Your soul no matter who or what you are! Ready or not Diana Ross blew me away in the raw emotion she threw into this role her with no makeup at her most vulnerable Outstanding !

Adrian B (fr) wrote: Slow, but ultimately satisfying samurai film of which a small village that seems content starts to disintegrate. A samurai (Toshiro Mifune) becomes enraged by his superiors and the woman associated with strange powers and starts to pursue violent action. He ultimately leads the small village into disarray and many of the villagers suffer tragic fates as a consequence. A little too much talk and little too long, but the ending is quite strong enough to save the film. Mifune is without question the highlight of this movie.

Paul T (nl) wrote: Ravishing Cinematography, stunning music, gorgeous integration of sound to motion, haunting symbolism throughout - a tour de force. Frequently cited as the most beautiful movie ever made ( NY Times, Newsweek, New Yorker) and Roger Ebert even went so far as to say these reviews were an injustice to the great movie. This spectacular, sensuous movie is an out of this world experience!

Ryan P (es) wrote: Judy Holliday sucks. Jack Lemmon is solid as always, but Holliday makes this movie almost unwatchable.


Ryan R (it) wrote: A serviceable comedy with good pacing but little heart.

Dylan K (jp) wrote: one of the greatest horror films of all time it still holds up today