A small-town boy needs to break through the class divide to gain acceptance from his childhood sweetheart who is in love with big city ideals.

A small-town boy needs to break through the class divide to gain acceptance from his childhood sweetheart who is in love with big city ideals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bhavirisetty P (fr) wrote: Full length action entertainer it will rocks the box-office...!

Michael G (ag) wrote: Pretty disappointing.

Brian J (es) wrote: Goes from weird and mysterious to funny and ridiculous.

Philip S (de) wrote: Look, I can appreciate genre revival flicks, but this movie is HORRIBLE. I watched it out of curiosity, with some sense of what I was getting into with Tarantino attached. Many of the shots, moments, and looks are familiar, but under the guidance of RZA they are butchered. And casting himself as the hero? NOT a good move. Some of his fellow cast members are almost as bad. You have to wonder what Russell Crowe was thinking of this production during filming. It must have been clear that this was a horrendous film. I almost felt sorry for him. How this film sits at 49% on Rottentomatoes is beyond me This movie misses the genre mark by a mile and has little other justification for its very existence. I hate myself for having watched it. Pass pass pass.

Joe W (es) wrote: I very much enjoy this film whenever I watch it. The locations are amazing & the cinematography are brilliant & cool! The father-daughter chemistry between Lohman & McGraw is spot-on, along with their performances. I fell in love with the Katy character. Definitely my kinda girl.

Omar A (au) wrote: It meets the expectations of a fun teen movie.

Tom R (nl) wrote: Poor performances and cliched script. There isn't a single likeable character and at the end you're left wondering why you should care about any of them.

bored to death (us) wrote: ok looks like a strange movie

Inta K (kr) wrote: quite nice.. weird ending

Noah T (nl) wrote: --(5.8/10)-- Too bad such a wonderful story could not be better translated onto the big screen. Prefontaine stirs up all the emotions but never feels tangible enough and ultimately left me feeling like I knew very little about the man despite knowing so much about his legacy. It feels a bit more like a made for TV effort rather than a big budget production but lucky for me it had just enough charm and heart to make it endearing and worth my time....but just barely. One key aspect of this movie that I felt was sorely lacking was the acting. Now I don't blame Jared Leto, who played Steve Prefontaine, as I feel he did what he could with the script; but everyone casted in this movie clearly just acted out their respective characters while never truly becoming them. Most of the cast seemed one dimensional and ya never really felt the honesty in what was being said. It was as if someone was coaching the actors while reading " How to Act for Dummies". Now I know that sounds silly but while watching I could just imagine the director prepping for a tense scene by saying look tense everyone. I do admit that Prefontaine seems more human towards the end of the movie and I welcomed it with a sigh of relief, because the development of Steve?s arrogance and youth could have been written by a 9th grader. Now what I can say about this movie that was enjoyable was the story itself. Steve Prefontaine was an actual man, who set many National records in track and was truly a pioneer in making distance running relevant. He was undersized and an underdog his whole life making his rise to the top very fun to watch. Despite what I felt was an array of subpar performances, I still felt quite engrossed in the material and found myself wanting, rather, needing to know how it would all end. The historical aspects of this movie were also quite interesting as the film takes you to the summer games in Munich, which we all know is home to one of the great tragedies of all time. To realize Prefontaine was at those games created another level of curiosity to see from his perspective. The soundtrack was quite tasteful and the pacing of the movie keeps you from getting bored and was one of the redeeming qualities of the project. All in all, this movie will not tickle any new cords nor will it disappoint should you be in the mood for a tragic and true story of a great American Athlete. I would have loved to see sharper directing and better acting as it would have taken this movie to a much higher level. Being an Oregon boy myself made it pretty fun to learn about a famous Oregon native?s life story. It does not succeed in giving you the inspiration that I believe it was going for but it still brought a tear to my eye (a bit to my surprise) and left me feeling, for the most part, satisfied. DID YOU KNOW: An annual track event is held in Eugene Oregon every year call ? The Prefontaine Classic-, Having been to Eugene a number of time it is safe to say that Pre will not be soon forgotten.

Jeannette W (ag) wrote: Soo romantic, and not a comedy! A refreshing change from generic films.

Ben D (fr) wrote: A B-Movie that owes debts to many other, better films, Justin Dix's film does however manage a few moments of interest, but finally descending into nonsense.

Joe V (ru) wrote: If there absolutely positively had to be another Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, without Paul Newman or Robert Redford then this belated follow-up is actually pretty good.

Ta C (jp) wrote: paint the house instead.

Raphael B (us) wrote: This has to be the most shameless excuse for a musical I have ever seen. Ziegfeld is only brought up once, and I find it arrogant to display this film as what Ziegfeld would have produced if he were alive when it is really just an excuse for MGM to roll out its biggest stars, especially Fred Astaire. It doesn't have a plot and the comedy skits are a bit flat, but the musical numbers are spectacular.

JeanMarie L (ca) wrote: Une mise en scne lgante et une K. Hepburn charmante au service d'un scnario consternant.

Sean C (us) wrote: I really like Anthony Perkins. I think he was really underrated as an actor. He's really good here. I like how the movie goes along with the premise that Perkins is the psycho, as most people would think due to his being pigeonholed after his Norman Bates role.