Raat Andheri Thi

Raat Andheri Thi

Thriller starring Lolita Chateerjee

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Raat Andheri Thi torrent reviews

Crystal N (it) wrote: I think everybody should watch this documentary. Although it is obviously very one sided it has alot of valid points and makes you think, seriously stop and think about how woman are portrayed in the media and the lack of serious female rolemodels their are out there.

Asif H (ca) wrote: A bit too depressing for my liking.

Wes H (ag) wrote: How is this movie rated so poorly? Nonstop Hilarity. Eeeevvvryyone is a critic...

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Walter M (fr) wrote: "Red Angel" starts in 1939 as Sakura Nishi(Ayako Wakao), a 24-year old nurse, is assigned to an army field hospital in Tientsin where the head nurse(Ranko Akagi) informs her that the patients either have tuberculosis or mental problems. If it is the latter, they are malingering and simply do not want to return to the front.(Well, can you blame them?) One such patient, Sakamoto(Jotaro Senba), rapes Sakura one night. The next time Sakura sees him, it is at a hospital close to the front and Sakamato is gravely wounded. She pleads with Dr. Okabe(Shinsuke Ashida) to perform an infusion. He agrees to as long as she goes to his room later... "Red Angel" is a devastating and graphic antiwar movie that is filmed mostly in the shadows. In a war where the medical personnel work days with very little medicine at their disposal, it is important to view the soldiers as men, not as disposable items to be thrown away when they are used up. Sakura seeks to save the life of Sakamato, a man she hates, because no one deserves to suffer like that. Along the same lines, the movie takes a well-aimed shot at the sexual objectification of women during wartime. And it is here that the movie surprises the most with its erotic and kinky imagery mixed in with the brutal reality, as Sakura seeks to reclaim her sexuality.

David J (nl) wrote: Avoid the updated version and find an original, the updated versions have deleted scenes.

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