Bhagwan Shri Indra must assume human form to overthrow the tyrannical Demon King Lord Raavan. VIllagers across India burn effigies in support of their chosen leader. The story becomes personal for Ganga, who loves Raavan and wishes to tame him.

In the epic Ramayan, Bhagwan Shri Indra assumes human form of Bhagwan Shri Ram to end the rule of Demon King Lord Raavan. As a result of this Hindus celebrate Dassera to mark the triumph of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (de) wrote: Even though the trailer I saw for this looked pretty good, I wasn't exactly expecting too much given this was produced by Tyler Perry. Thankfully I can report that while his influence can be felt, this movie stays away from the overt messaging and preachiness of his other work (directing, mostly). To concisely describe this movie, it's like an African-American version of MEET THE PARENTS, although it isn't quite as funny. The humor comes in fits and spurts, but when it does come it is really hilarious. The plot also feels kind of episodic, moving towards a finale that you can see coming a mile away. Still, the journey there is quite an entertaining one. The acting is just fine for this kind of material, and Craig Robinson does bring this nice everyman comic persona to the film, but I thought that David Alan Grier and Malcolm Barrett (playing Craig Robinson's brother) were the standouts here. Kerry Washington also does a nice job, although this isn't some of her best work. Some other downsides include a rather trite treatment of homosexuality (one of the Peeple daughters is a lesbian) and the way the plot is tied up in a nice ribbon at the end almost too quickly. However, the camaraderie and chemistry in the cast is palpable and this makes all of the shortcomings liveable. Overall, given its rather lukewarm reception, I feel that this is an underrated gem and one of the better entries in Tyler Perry's filmography.

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Thrall T (nl) wrote: Movie Review: FinalLearning to grow up can be hard. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, starring Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Nina Dobrev, captures the highs and lows of growing up. Charlie, a socially awkward teen in high school, has never really had any friends. When two older classmates take him under their wing his whole life changes. He takes part in his first party, first kiss, and first girlfriend, all while experiencing the trials of growing up and moving on. The movie hides nothing and bears all, captivating the audience with first hand not-so-magical high school stories, However, the plot can be a bit heavy at times. While the director tried to keep the movie as true to the book as possible, there is an obvious separation from the original story. Overall, I would give this movie four out of 5 stars, a must-see for those who enjoy inspirational coming of age stories.