• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Slovak
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Rabaka 1989 full movies, Rabaka torrents movie

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Rabaka torrent reviews

Rainer K (nl) wrote: American Pie gets a slight back-to-the-roots treatment with its latest direct-to-DVD spinoff.The Book of Love takes place in East Great Falls again and returns from the collegiate level back to high school. It's also the first film since American Wedding to not focus on a Stifler (although it certainly has a Stifler in it).You get the feeling they put a bit more effort into this one than in the previous two, unfortunately, it's still crap.If you've seen this film you gotta ask yourself what made the difference between the earlier films and the Book of Love. Not an easy question but it probably has to do with the total loss of substance and dignity aside from horrible acting, writing and every other aspect of filmmaking.Even Eugene Levy's Noah Levenstein is now ruined due to a lack of continuity (is he carpet salesman or a lawyer, when he graduated high school in 1970 how did he invent the Naked Mile in the 1960s and was also member of Beta House back then). The only glimpse of American Pie's former glory that stayed solid as a rock throughout the series was torn down by a lack of serious filmmaking (skills).I have enough from American Pie for a while now - looking still forward to Reunion though but I hope I'll never have to see these stupid spin-offs ever again.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Something of a mess in its structure starting with one theme, then leaving it behind for a jolly up in what appears to be an unashamedly promotion for a country with a terrible human rights record. It's a farcical last 20 minutes too before bringing it back around to the initial 'trouble and strife' theme. It just feels stuck within its television series origins.

Jerome K (jp) wrote: If you've decided to watch this film, it's because you're a fan of martial arts. In that regard, you definitely won't be disappointed. Donnie Yen as Ip Man is extremely impressive, and his Wing Chun is effortless and graceful. The fight choreography is also on point. I didn't even mind that Ip Man is virtually invincible. While the story has heart, however, it is a little too cliched to make it truly stand out, and the script needed a some work to make it flow more smoothly.

Roy C (gb) wrote: Mothers have the toughest job.

Paul H (br) wrote: gory, yet funny, not a fantastic zombie film, but weirdly great to watch???!!

Brianna M (nl) wrote: this looks interesting

Marcus W (jp) wrote: Thank goodness the rights reverted to Marvel.

shane h (ag) wrote: This takes you into a fantasy of martial arts and stunning visual effects. I watched this movie 5 times in 2 days before I had to return it and I rented it again.

Lee C (au) wrote: The idea is very good with questions on morality and assumptions but there are too many other things going on. The characters have lots of baggage to begin with and then get more applied on top. This makes it all a tad too messy but it still makes for a far better watch than most films. The acting is good and the cinematography is beautiful. The singing at the end was a bit syrupy for my liking and marred the film at the finish line.

Kristen B (jp) wrote: Very scary and compelling story of how Hitler came to power. Gives the impression that a lot of people around him were so scared of him that they just let him get on with it. Few that did cross him seemed to give up very shortly or ended up imprisoned for their troubles. It gives an very interesting portrayal of his relationship with his niece one which I've never encountered in a Hitler movie before. Worth viewing, even if your just curious to see how Robert Carlyle pulls off the role of Adolf Hitler.

Mika A (au) wrote: Beautiful and very sad movie. Great actors including Kerry Condon who was just being so cute :D

Malkoto Z (mx) wrote: I watched Pola X because Scott Walker composed the film score and I admire his music a lot. Frankly, I expected a somewhat pretentious and possibly incoherent French movie. I was wrong. The vision of the film quickly managed to engage my attention to the fullest - starting with the opening sequence, which shows black and white footage of military airplanes throwing bombs at graves at the sounds of music and Scott Walker's beautiful wailing voice. The film explores the identity crisis of Pierre (Guillaume Depardieu - a brilliant choice for the role) and his consequential (self-)destruction. The story is divided into two parts ? the first depicts Pierre's carefree life in a beautiful house in the French countryside and the second follows his utter personal disintegration after he abandons everything and moves to Paris to live in squalor with his supposed half-sister. Both parts contain some amazingly stunning photography ? the first very colorful and bright, the second utterly gloomy and nearly apocalyptic ? a true aesthetic feast. Pola X is a fascinating and quite unique movie experience.

Adam R (ru) wrote: Magnificent animation! Definitely one of the all-time greats. (First viewing - Childhood)

lisa s (de) wrote: julia roberts carisma is the only thing keeping this film together

Vince AKA Peilo P (mx) wrote: Extremely entertaining as a kid, you have the spy's, the beautiful woman, a lil espionage and the paint ball guns, lol

Matt H (fr) wrote: Playtime? More like Naptime. A guess they used broad strokes to classify this a comedy. The pacing of this film is just glacial, no story to speak of, and nothing of consequence besides the occasional sight gag (that aren't worth the long, slow setups). However, this is an extremely well made boring movie, I'll give it that at least. Probably has the best crowd management of any movie, along with great production and sound design. These strengths can't make up for the uninteresting things happening on screen.

Dave C (br) wrote: Outstanding swordfight camerawork, with an ending that.

Fit L (mx) wrote: Mise en scene upon mise en scene!!!....'till the finale confrontation! This is Modernist Western! Anthony Mann is the Leonardo Da Vinci of Western......pure ingenuity of execution!

Alex K (jp) wrote: A highly amusing pseudo documentary/ film essay about the nature of art, the artist, and lies. A nice little piece of quirky philosophy, all narrated by the legendary Orson Welles, who in my opinion has the greatest voice for voiceover in the history of cinema. Those things combined make for quite a neat little movie.