Rabbit, Run

Rabbit, Run

Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom comes home one day from his dead-end job to find his pregnant wife Janice asleep, splayed in front of the TV, highball glass in hand. After a moment's contemplation, he decides to leave. Taking his coat and car keys, he's off and running on a rambling, aimless journey.

A crude man is stuck in a loveless marriage. One day he decides to run away from his life and family. First he finds a mistress, but just because a man runs away from one disappointment, doesn't mean he won't run into another one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Magnus S (it) wrote: Another good Korean thriller with darkly comedic undertones. Entertaining and thrilling.

Mago B (kr) wrote: En comparacin con otros biopicks, este es uno sencillo en todo el sentido de la palabra; a pesar de todo, resulta ser un trabajo agradable gracias a las ligeras chispas de ingenio y brillantez que el director sabe como aplicar en los momentos oportunos. Recomendada a todos los fans de las obras literarias de Rowling, y para todos aquellos que quisieran ser escritores algn da.

Ruby H (nl) wrote: A good thing about low-budget indie films is that the director can go about realizing his or her vision without dreaded studio interference and box-office expectations. Here, Adam Wingard, is taking the narrow road and mostly succeeds. It is all more impressive when you realize that the wobbly camera work will stick until the end and that the plot will develop at its own leisure. But every scene is beautifully captured in dim lights and melancholic colors, in cold rural landscapes and Christmas-lighted bedrooms, all emphasizing some of the worse feelings, namely, addiction and living in fear. Warm, fuzzy and horrifyingly physical.Cast is great, supporting cast especially. The score is fantastic and perfectly supplements the director's flawless editing. Blood and gore are neither here nor there, a striking scene or two and that's about it. Perhaps the best compliment I could give the film would be that it reminded me of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Not for everyone then but I liked it.

O S (us) wrote: Not original, not funny, not good action, not even show Thailand nor prague nor M. there was one check in the movie, and she didn't even was blond, in one word: NO!

Justin M (ca) wrote: Fail! Didn't like this at all. Why so many 'comedy' with that Napoleon Dynamite feel? Napoleon Dynamite did it well but the copies do not.

Kartik G (it) wrote: Nagesh Kukunoor at his best......

Waleed A (ag) wrote: very funny in a stupid way. interesting unexpected story (3 viewings)

danah a (it) wrote: after i saw this one all i wanted to do was just skate hehe

John B (fr) wrote: wonderful story about a family and a community that comes together, a few twists along the way

Muffin M (gb) wrote: Ryan Dunne is a lawnboy hoping for greener pastures after he joins an elite Cape Cod summer league that's been a career stepping-stone for many big-league players. Tenley Parrish is a wealthy Vassar grad vacationing on the Cape. He loves her. She loves him. But there's a catch. Tenley's family thinks romance with a blue-collar guy is strictly minor-league. Stars Jessica Biel, Freddie Prinze Jr, Matthew Lillard, Fred Ward, Bruce Davison, Gabriel Mann, Brittany Murphy and Brian Dennehy. directed by Michael Tollin.

Il T (br) wrote: very very underrated film

Michael T (br) wrote: Unabashed (albeit bloodier) rip-off of GREMLINS is a camp-film lover's dream.

Steve G (ag) wrote: All the actors are great. The music is phenomenal. There's charm, if slightly light on story.

Timothy J (fr) wrote: Always good Who Done It's. And the Actor who played Shemp in the Three Stooges is in this. And he is a serious actor.

Leon B (kr) wrote: Review:This is another one of those movies which I thought was going to be quite amusing but it ended up being a total disappointment. Wilson plays a womanising bachelor who hasn't got a penny to his name, even though he works as a weatherman on local TV, and Galifianakis plays his disturbed best friend who has to go home to his dads funeral. Wilson decides to go with his best friend to the funeral and when the will gets read out, Galifianakis finds out that he has inherited most of his dads wealth, which amounts to millions, so his sister, played by Poehler, decides to fight him for the money because she thinks that he hasn't got the mental capability to handle the everything. On top of that, there dads ex-wife, whose a attractive young woman, is still living in the house but she isn't fighting for any of the money. Anyway, the storyline was pretty twisted and the individual characters had there own personal issues to deal with. I personally didn't find it that funny and the characters lacked chemistry because they all come from completely different world's and they just didn't seem to connect. The storyline seemed like a right mess because the director tried to cram in to much elements at once so it didn't seem to flow properly. On the plus side, Galifianakis has some funny moments but thats about it. Disappointing!Round-Up:With movies in this genre dominating the box office at the moment, I'm surprised that I didn't hear about this film before it got released on DVD, especially with big names like Wilson, Galifianakis and Poehler in it. To be honest, it's not there best material, but it was made by the director of the Sopranos and Mad Men so I was expecting much better. It also seemed like the director didn't have anywhere to go halfway through the film so he introduces the love element which also turns out to be a right mess. All of the big names in the movie seem to be in weird positions in there careers at the moment and they only really work well in cameo roles so it was a gamble to put them in leading roles, which didn't really pay off.I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedies about a disturbed man who inherits loads of money from his dead father and with the help of his best friend, they battle against his sister to keep the fortune. 3/10

Lora R (kr) wrote: The movie is ordinary and not original. Some parts were clich, like the ending, and other parts were just ok.The reason I wanted to watch this movie in the first place was because Paul Walker is in it. He is one of my favorite actors but this is definitely not one of his best movies.

Conrad T (ru) wrote: Usual acting from Al Pacino. Not that it was bad, just tired of it.