A story of a group of humanoid rabbits and their depressive, daily life. The plot includes Suzie ironing, Jane sitting on a couch, Jack walking in and out of the apartment, and the occasional solo singing number by Suzie or Jane. At one point the rabbits also make contact with their “leader”.

Plotless show starring people in rabbit suits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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stefano l (jp) wrote: ? sempre pericoloso mitizzare i criminali, e noi italiani siamo anche fin troppo bravi a farlo. Capisco farne un film biografia, ma da questo film Vallanzasca esce quasi come un eroe. Non esattamente l'idea del secolo. C' da dire almeno era ben fatto e divertente.

Daniel R (nl) wrote: Will Smith as an alcoholic superhero who gets a public relations rep to help his image in this conventional, predictable comedy.

Kassandra H (fr) wrote: Captures the book's exotic essence masterfully.

vanessa (ag) wrote: anyone can enjoy this, really. and the fight scenes? priceless.

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P P (es) wrote: Spalding Gray was and is, perfection. A tragic loss that he is no longer around to engage and mesmerize us.

Zachary L (fr) wrote: Here picked this movie up at Target one day for about 5 dollars which I totally regret....

Lora C (ru) wrote: any benji movie is alwaya awsome!!!!!!!!

Tiago G (us) wrote: The sci-fi portion of the film didn't do it for me, the love bit was kind of forced and unnecessary, and the action wasn't memorable enough but taking that into account the film still doesn't fall into the "unwatchable" category and may serve as a good excuse to eat popcorn.

Jason D (gb) wrote: Things get weird one day at a remote sheriff's office in a small wooded town when a naked teenage boy strolls in, completely covered head to toe in someone's blood. It's up to the sheriff and some other select players to try and figure out what the fuck is going on. Wholly original horror film that delivers some awesome gore effects and great ideas that are carried out terrifically by a very well-crafted cast, including Patty McCormack in a very against-type role. This film had me guessing until the very end and still managed to pack a small punch with a few clever twists. This is definitely a film worth watching.

Josas G (de) wrote: Tengo poca memoria sobre esta pelcula recuerdo el comienzo ms no el final