Ranvir and Rajiv are half brothers who own a huge stud farm in South Africa. Ranvir is a very shrewd and aggressive man while Rajiv is laid back, and a chronic alcoholic. Sophia, Ranvir's personal secretary adores and loves him. Ranvir is unaware of her feelings. Shaina, an Indian ramp model in Durban loves Ranvir but through a twist of fate gets married to his younger brother Rajiv. When she discovers that Rajiv is a chronic alcoholic, her world is shattered. Ranvir too is disturbed as he has sacrificed his love for his younger brother because Rajiv had promised to leave alcohol for good if he marries Shaina. In a weak moment Ranvir and Shaina come very close to each other. When Rajiv starts suspecting, all hell breaks loose. A murder is committed, a contract killing is issued. A sharp tongued detective R.D., getting wise on the proceedings, starts an intriguing investigation with his brainless bimbo assistant Mini

Destiny makes two brothers- Ranvir and Rajiv - enemies of each other. Everything is fair in love and war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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