Race Against Time

Race Against Time

When a man faces surmounting bills for his dying son's hospital stay, he enters into an agreement to sell his body for organ transplants to pay the bills. However, when he is advised that the doctors want to claim his organs immediately, he goes on the run

When a man faces surmounting bills for his dying son's hospital stay, he enters into an agreement to sell his body for organ transplants to pay the bills. However, when he is advised that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis G (kr) wrote: Better than I thought with a nice twist

Jack G (kr) wrote: Incredible movie, I loved it! Clint reminds me of my dad

Giselle M (nl) wrote: Sweet movie about two people from different upbringing.

Jay M (es) wrote: Blah, I want to suck...blah

Derek D (mx) wrote: John Wayne was a cowboy, pure and simple. He was also a war veteran at times. But he most certainly was not a cop and this movie shows why. It's a guilty pleasure of mine and I enjoy it, but after seeing this film I'm glad he turned down Dirty Harry because that never would've worked with anyone excet for Clint. Not a bad movie, but certainly not a classic.

Noah R (nl) wrote: What a strange and fascinating film even for Altman's standards. It's something I need to watch again because I haven't completely made up my mind on it. All I know is I wish we had more films this gloriously absurd being made today.

Brad G (kr) wrote: Great schlock atomic horror flick about a small Canadian town being overrun by an army of nuclear powered invisible brains. The film looks nice for its micro budget and the actors give it their all, but what separates the 50s paranoia flick from the rest of the heap is the Night of Living Dead-like crawling brain assault at the end of the film. Once visible, the brains are at once cute and disgusting with their slurping and oozing. Just brilliant. A must for B-Movie fans. VF.

Christian A (gb) wrote: Welcome to Los Angeles the city of angels. Trust me, by the end of this movie you're going to be wondering if it should actually be referred to as the city of demons. Jack Nicholson stars in Roman Polanski's Chinatown alongside Faye Dunaway and John Huston. Nicholson's character, J.J. Gittes, Is a private eye who delves into other people's secrets while trying to escape from his own. J.J. Gittes is a private eye in a city where everyone has something to hide and on a regular afternoon, Gittes get asked to spy on a woman's husband to find out who he is being unfaithful with. This women is Mrs. Mulwray, wife of Hollis Mulwray, the chief engineer for the Los Angeles Water and Power Supply, an important and prominent figure in the city. Gittes gets the job done and the pictures end up in the local newspaper.However, when Gittes is approached and handed a lawsuit by a women claiming to be the real Mrs. Mulwray (Faye Dunawaya), he realizes he was setup. Gittes, who is not easily hoodwinked and values is reputation, sets out to figure out who wanted to setup Mr. Mulwray. This is where the web of lies begins. And as Gittes digs deeper and deeper the web begins to unravel, and to surprising results. What begins as a scandal involving the corruption and manipulation of one of Los Angeles most important resources quickly turns in to a story involving a lot of people and their very personal secrets. And somehow, they are all connected. I don't really want to go too much into the plot because this movie really relies on its twists and turns that occur throughout the film. I can say though that this movie really has it all. It has an engaging story, great characters that I actually started to care about as the film went on. The atmosphere it brilliant, such a dark and corrupt story set in the backdrop of the beautiful Los Angeles.There are three main characters at the forefront of the story. J.J. Gittes is our hero. He is a private eye who has secrets from his past that still trouble him. "Are you alone?" Gittes is asked at one point, and his response is "isn't everybody?" showing us just how lonely Gittes really is. Often times in this film Gittes is outnumbered and helpless and you begin to sympathize for him and his struggles and how impossible his task is.Faye Dunaway plays Evelyn Mulwray, a character which a lot of the twists and turns revolve around. We don't really find out who or what she really is until the latter end of the movie. And as the credits were rolling, she still seemed a mystery to me. Lastly, but certainly not least you have John Huston, in one of his most chilling performances as Noah Cross. Cross is very rich man who is associated with the LA Water and Power Supply and who is also

Benjamin N (it) wrote: So much good so much bad.

April W (gb) wrote: Proof that even dysfunctional families can be fun!