Race War: The Remake

Race War: The Remake

What happens when the white man brings their smack into Soda's hood?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:slave,   gore,   zombie spoof,  

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Race War: The Remake torrent reviews

Melanie S (es) wrote: it looks like the next benji

Daniel T (it) wrote: Ekin Cheng isn't as good an actor as Andy Lau and for that, Out of Time 2 isn't as good a movie as 1.

Adam O (us) wrote: Fight Club fans will love this for it is gritty and dark with surprises. This a brave movie that shows the day to day behavior of a man that either imitates or improves on that of his parent for better or worse. Coburn and Nolte are fearless actors in this film, and come perilously close to camp but manage to walk the fence without falling in the mud. Nolte is in fact, triumphant in the effort. Coburn teetered but was also exemplary all told.

Jordan F (gb) wrote: Quick Review: Dustin Hoffman is a burglar recently released into the world after 6 years. He tries to keep his life on the straight path but a couple of incidental mishaps combined with an obnoxious parole officer lead him into crime. Probably one of the better heist films ever done. The end didn't have quite the bite I would have wanted. No cool lines or anything but it was still pretty good. Cinematography was awesome, great composition and camera movement. Actors were pretty good but mainly it's Dustin Hoffman that shines. His character development is what really makes this film last through time. Starts off super duper slow but at the 45 minute point it starts to ramp up nicely. Not sure what all the women in this film are doing with these robbers. Doesn't quite make sense and the film never really tries to explain it. Jack busey is a clone of his father, I swear!

miles k (au) wrote: Pretty bad, but surprisingly entertaining and fun.

Nick K (kr) wrote: A bit on the long side (I would have cut some of the initial training footage), this film is typical of 1940s/50s war movies, complete with the leaving of one's loved ones and their eventual reunion after the fight. However, like all those similar films, it manages to strike a chord and makes you realize the realities of war and what these soldiers sacrificed, doing so in a unique way and story.

Tristan P (kr) wrote: Hugo is plenty of fun for all ages with its gorgeous visuals, great cast, and a story filled with childlike wonder.

Leonard D (mx) wrote: After several decades, it felt kinda odd to see one of the most iconic movie monsters receive a modern day treatment. Well, to my surprise, with Peter Jackson at the helm, fresh off of the Lord of The Rings trilogy, it works! to a fault. The human characters were not that interesting in a film based around a giant ape, and this once again proves my point! The natives of the island were not only creepy, but more interesting. Jack Black and Adrien Brody were completely miscasted, and didn't fit the time period of this film! As for the effects? Some looked good, and others, not so much. It was so obvious that they were fake, including that brontosaurus stampede scene! You could tell that they used green screen, damn! But a couple scenes that I give the creators high props for, is the t-Rex fight sequence, and the giant insects at the bottom of the chasm! Those are awesome and terrifying! So, the film as a whole, is both hit and miss, but it's kinda worth a watch again! And trust me when I say this. This remake is a masterpiece compared to the new one, Kong Skull Island!

Jack S (jp) wrote: better than I thought it was gonna be.....

Bonsai F (gb) wrote: I have a feeling that The Expendables was based on this movie.

Julia M (jp) wrote: Good but predictable.