Race You to the Bottom

Race You to the Bottom

Nathan and Maggie are in the throes of a passionate affair. They're young, good-looking, and both have boyfriends. When Nathan is assigned to write a travel article on romantic hot-spots in Napa Valley, these unconventional lovers test the limits of the sensuality and fantasy that bond them.

Bisexual travel writer Nathan examines his increasingly complex feelings for Maggie as they travel through California's wine country on assignment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nichole O (kr) wrote: better than expected. pretty cast.

Joshua F (br) wrote: Extraordinarily entertaining rock doc. Great classic Sabbath footage. The rock star antics as told by Tommy Lee had me practically pissing myself.

Mariano P (kr) wrote: Interesante peli, un puzzle... Me encant la direccin de arte. Elementos como la culpa y el resentimiento utilizados de manera surrealista. Muy original y con dos interpretaciones finales que en realidad no se anulan a s mismas sino que son las dos, a pesar de completamente diferentes, paralelas y correctas. Como falla: a veces un ritmo un tanto lenteja, pero se deja ver por la intriga que causa.

Zane U (it) wrote: I've seen it but don't really remember much about it.

Roxanne R (au) wrote: PHENOMENAL and I don't use the adjective lightly. Based on Jane Rule's novel, this is the story about a woman finding herself and discovering love in Reno Nevada in the fifties. With excellent soundtrack from Patsy Cline, and other fifties songs, this romantic comedy is refreshing, alive, soothing, calming, perfect! Did you know its director Donna Deitch had to put her home on the line and raise $$$ to make this film? You MUST hear the director's commentary when viewing this masterpiece. I agree about the chemistry between the two leads (Vivian and Kay). Part of my private collection, this movie is highly recommended! My hat is off to the cast but especially the director and producer who made this project happen against all odds and remain faithful to the novel...bravo Donna Deitch you scored a winner...Two thumbs WAY WAY UP!!

JamesMasaki R (ca) wrote: William Castle hits the right marketing marks by never showing the grotesque man's face in the trailers, and having the ending which the audience could supposedly choose the outcome. And the movie itself is no masterpiece, but is incredibly fun and highly stylized in the cheap gothic atmosphere.

Indira S (br) wrote: thou not as good as GILDA, but still it's good to see Glenn Ford & Rita in one movie again, yet it's quite entertaining and enjoyable movie :)

Cody B (jp) wrote: Features some worthwhile moments with Marlon Brando at Cowboy