Rachel and the Stranger

Rachel and the Stranger

A frontier widower (William Holden) treats his bride (Loretta Young) like a servant, until a passing stranger (Robert Mitchum) pays her attention.

David Harvey is a widower with a young son, Davey. They live on an isolated Ohio farm during the pioneer days. He wants his son to be raised in the manner his wife would have wanted - with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rachel and the Stranger torrent reviews

Lara F (jp) wrote: I hate to say it, but I was expecting something much better.

Markus S (fr) wrote: Very interresting combination of motion capture and black and white CGI

Joshua L (au) wrote: I found this movie more comedic than anything else. It's like the most serious Comedy I've ever seen.

Keegan K (ru) wrote: What a fun movie! For someone who loves music, this movie has a ton of fun throwback songs. The plot can be fairly predictable but the cast is fun, the music is great, the dancing is cool, and it's fun to see the nightlife at a bar. Definitely a feel-good movie, with plenty of laughs and inspiration to not give up on your dreams. Reminds me of rock of ages.

Ben F (kr) wrote: Was lucky enough to see this projected in 35 mm with Kevin Bacon in attendance for the 25th anniversary. This film still holds up due in large part to fantastic writing and great performances, and in its contained nature it's timeless. With the writing and acting, the "monster" really could have been anything and it would have worked (despite great practical effects anyway).

Taylor W (au) wrote: Very Underrated movie, this is realistic vampires DONE RIGHT!

Adam G (fr) wrote: This was a good movie. I thought Rohmer's Six Moral Tales were good, but there were a couple that were pretty good. This was up there. It was an interesting look at temptation and adultery and fantasies. It was a bit dated but all six of these things were pretty telling to the human condition, and the whole French New Wave movement in film was/is an interesting one. I'd recommend it.

Tarah M (ag) wrote: Pretty dumb and flat, but two great actors give it life. Kind of like Date Night + The Hangover I + Harold & Kumar, but not as good as any of them.

Frances H (kr) wrote: I liked this film even better than Minority Report, which had somewhat the same general theme.

John K (fr) wrote: Loved it. simple as that.

Robert I (nl) wrote: Jesus, Captain Amazing, that guy from Knockaround Guys, that guy from Suicide Kings, and Joey Pants!? Awesome film already.