Rad na odredjeno vreme

Rad na odredjeno vreme

A comedy of everyday life problems of a "temporary" teacher who leads a very "temporary" life. For ten years, he temporarily lives with his married sister in a cramped, one-room apartment ...

A comedy of everyday life problems of a "temporary" teacher who leads a very "temporary" life. For ten years, he temporarily lives with his married sister in a cramped, one-room apartment ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay M (kr) wrote: Sonny Blake is a blunt radio therapist that moves back to her old house on Rosewood lane when her alcoholic father is-found dead in the basement; shortly after moving back she gets stocked by a psychopathic paperboy. This was another suspenseful horror film that has undeveloped characters with the exception of the lead character played by Rose McGowan. Like so many horror films of today I could not tell if the writers were trying to go for supernatural or reality.~For a mystery suspense, horror film I give it a C.

Pearl K (gb) wrote: So love it! The glitter, the magic, the clothes, it's beyond amazing!

Tom D (ca) wrote: A circus provides hope amidst the chaos and loss of war. A nice idea and generally well done, but feels a bit laboured in places.

Svenja M (fr) wrote: pretty ok, nice action...

Rune V (it) wrote: Piece of crap lousy amateur movie!

Angela G (ag) wrote: I picked this one up based on the witchcraft-like estimated rating from Netflix of a 4.5 ... It sounded great in theory, synopsis, etc., an unorthodox look at September 11 from different countries and directors. I liked quite a few of them, especially (no doubt) Sean Penn's contribution. However, Alejandro Gonzales Irritu really broke the pace and annoyed me with his little interlude. I like experimental by all means, but that was overkill and not impressive. I'm even a big fan of Alejandro, so I was disappointed. I guess the different views were like a jigsaw and connected the whole picture together but for me, a few fell short and dragged the entire thing down from a 5. Still a 4 though...

Josh C (au) wrote: awesome, really amazing - with an outstanding performance from our very own GM boy, Gregory Dakin!

Rachael M (fr) wrote: This was one of my favorite movies to watch growing up. I can not wait to share it with u my kids. One of the best things about this movie is the music, composed by the recently deceased James Hornor. What a talent!

Priscilla C (nl) wrote: its so funny make me laugh so much

Josh G (fr) wrote: I watched this film for a paper I was writing in film class and was left with bad feelings. I liked Roy Scheider in this, but I think this film drags on for too long and I know the death-obsessed numbers sung in an upbeat, broadway style is supposed to be ironic. However, it's so obvious and I always aware that I was just witnessing the de-mytholization of the Hollywood musical. Though these days de-mytholization is regarded with a thumbs-up, this movie does it in a way that is unpleasant and tiring. Also, I did not care for the tone of this movie. I felt as if this film was very pleased with itself. The only thing I was thinking as I watched it was that I couldn't believe that this film won the Palm d'Or

Keika S (mx) wrote: the first film by Wim i saw.his movies are always art, which is not just a word but much more ordinary things in your life, and makes you realize there're more meanings behind.

Kristy P (jp) wrote: Blahness; only a few good scenes, mostly overrun by a silly, ridiculous plot.

Mike V (jp) wrote: It was a fun movie for the family, loved it and wished the sequel to come soon. Finally something that kept parents and kids interested without the foul language or mandatory sex in films nowadays.

Judy H (ag) wrote: Charming - I loved it!