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Nguyen Thuy H (kr) wrote: I will just declare it one of the best crime films (if not the best) ever made, Martin Scorsese be damned! Spotting stars, spotting classics, and laughing at its total lack of apology, this is the rare great movie for everyone.

Seyi A (ru) wrote: Its so full of evil.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: He just kept killing things A series of murders in northern Whales grabs the attention of an aspiring reporter. The aspiring reporter and a few friends decide to go to the locations of the murders and try to capture some of the action on film; before they know it, they become more than observes and potential victims of the serial killer(s). "So she's a little screwed up; so what, she's allowed." Simeon Halligan delivers Splintered in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is fairly standard for the slasher genre. Unfortunately, this film evolves from a slasher film to a religious/werewolf movie. The overall plot is a bit plodding, as the main characters gets stuck in a room for the majority of the picture. The acting is also just mediocre and the cast includes David Bowen, Jace Desay, Sacha Dhawan. "He couldn't protect you." "From what?" "From him." Splintered is a film that was recently airing on Showtime so I decided to give it a shot; unfortunately, this film was a lame attempt to capitalize on the recent success of Underworld. The film initially seems like a classic slasher flick and tries to be "smart" and evolve into a werewolf picture. As you would expect, the transition doesn't work as well as they may have hoped. I recommend skipping this picture. "Father Jacobs locked him with the dogs." Grade: D

slim c (ag) wrote: I know this is gonna suck so good, lol....ciara can't sing yall

Lei J (ag) wrote: I knew the story when I was 15. At that time, America was only a dream for me. Now I came here, and I totally understand the difficult life that Lu,Gang was facing. But the movie didn't express it well.

Christopher A (ru) wrote: Best movie poster/video cover I've never seen.

Rick L (it) wrote: A fairly quick film, about abduction and invasion by bug-eyed aliens. Good fun.

Mike G (ag) wrote: I don't know why I keep giving John Cusack opportunities to waste my life. Robert DeNiro was not enough to save this pile of garbage. At no point is there any reason to care about the characters or the bag.

Andrew K (nl) wrote: I wonder if Jack Black has ever been in a movie where he hasn't said "Boo dap a do de boop" at least once. Some good laughs

Christina W (jp) wrote: The only things that comes close to salvaging this attempt at a new franchise are those all too few moments of self-awareness and satire on the young adult genre.

Serge L (fr) wrote: Obviously very well done. Since based on a child book, the story is disneyesque at times. The war reenactments and locations are positively stunning of realism. The story is also too excellent to be true, although we feel the danger and see much killings. The fights in France were just killing fields for able men. In reality, most war horses were used for meat at the end of the war.