Radiant City

Radiant City

An examination of the nature of modern suburbia.

An examination of the nature of modern suburbia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael D (au) wrote: Beautiful Canadian movie that reminded me of Kieslowski at his best. The visuals are extremely clever and Lise Castonguay is particularly good as the schizophrenic bookshop owner.

Marta R (ru) wrote: I REALLY wanted to like it, but the kid was SUCH A BRAT!!

Bill R (de) wrote: needs a new title for one, there is very little of what the titles claims. the humor is strange and the story is about borderline dumb. made me laugh a few times and wasnt entirely boring so its worth a time killer for about the hour ans a half it runs.

Paulina A (gb) wrote: Good film! Really liked the emptiness and lonliness of the images, while the story takes you to the deepest part of each character. No big production is needed and this film is a proof of it.

Wes S (de) wrote: The clown bit is rather pointless, otherwise it's about as generic and confusing as any other modern day b-movie horror. With disgusting gore close-ups and cheap effects, as well as bland characters and dumb moments. It is somewhat watchable however, yet it doesn't hit many good points.

Cigs J (jp) wrote: Bryan Cranston does a splendid turn as the talented but stubborn Dalton Trumbo. He wrote Sparcatus, Roman holiday and other oscar winning films. He was an avowed communist even though he was one of the richest men in Hollywood at the time. Then the communist witch hunts began and he was jailed for a year. After that he, along with thousands of others were blacklisted. He had to revert to penning his work as his friends output or anonymously. But he was so talented that Holywood bosses took a blind eye. The anti-communist committee was still persecuting people right up to 1975.

Gina S (fr) wrote: The acting was cringeworthy. Particularly Nicolas Cage. The end point of the movie was good & true, but it could have been done so much better. To make the war lord a wise sage with proverbial sayings is a stretch.

Alex F (ca) wrote: Horrible, horrible movie. It still stands as one of the few movies I've seen in the theater that I've ever walked out of.

John M (it) wrote: Failure can be fun. So this is about the fictional band Spinal Tap, a group that has been around the block a few times, and has released 15 albums during their 17-year career. They are all set to go on their North American tour, but when egos and management clash, things are bound to go awry. Now this may not be the first mockumentary ever made, but it is definitely known for starting the trend. If you didn't know any better, you would just think that this is some obscure British band that is big in England, but small in the States, and the film is well crafted enough for you to buy into it. It makes for a novel effect and a memorable experience. Another classic from Rob Reiner, Spinal Tap is filled with memorable jokes. It's so short and compact that you actually retain a lot long after you walk away, and it is easy to see why this gained its cult status. For example, how many times have you heard somebody reference turning something "up to 11". Have you ever heard the line, "No one knows who they were, or what they were doing"? Spinal Tap is the movie that's responsible. Between creative lines of naturally flowing dialogue, the Stonehenge prop and the outrageous egos and insatiable personalities, you have hilarity ensuing all over the place. This is all about beautiful failure, and the fact that this band is oblivious to the fact that their glory days are far back in the rear view mirror makes for terrific entertainment. Now I know this movie has a huge following, so a lot of you probably already know everything that I'm writing down here. I also know that this entire review has been nothing but aglow with praise, but I don't actually love this to a point where I would label this as one of my top favorite movies, but I do really like everything that it does. It's nothing personal, just a matter of preference, and I completely understand the many people out there that have this in their regular rotation of films that get frequent viewings. It's so short that you can watch it easily at any time, and the parody of it all demands that you watch it at least once. At the very least, this is a definitive answer to the following question: "is it better to burn out or fade away" (it's definitely, DEFINITELY burn out).


K C (gb) wrote: And Oscar makes two... Spencer Tracy won his second consecutive Academy Award for this turn as Father Flanaghan, the architect and operator of Boys Town. Following up 'Captains Courageous', Tracy cemented himself as an actor's actor. Surrounded by an outstanding supporting cast, and pitching a great script, this film definately makes the 'Best' list and with little question. Well paced and with excellent delivery, 'Boys Town' is definately one to watch if you really consider yourself a film buff. Bring popcorn.

Stephen S (kr) wrote: Really good. A Netflix gem, and worth watching. This is obviously a very dark film, so I can't recommend it to everyone, especially with the super dark ending, which kind of sucks. But overall, this is a really entertaining, and thought-provoking film.

Bill R (us) wrote: is it original? far from it. is it unoredictable? another far from it. is it funny? at times it does make you laugh and it is an overall enjoyable eatch. Not exactly a thinker but when it comes to action comedies this is one that will give you both. My favorite part has to be how Stone gets around, a great constant thing to keep a watch for haha.