Rafoo Chakkar: Fun on the Run

Rafoo Chakkar: Fun on the Run

Refusing to obey their widower father, Harbans Singh, and get married to the girls of his choice, two slacker brothers, Manjeet and Parmeet, run away from home with Five Lakh Rupees. After ...

Refusing to obey their widower father, Harbans Singh, and get married to the girls of his choice, two slacker brothers, Manjeet and Parmeet, run away from home with Five Lakh Rupees. After ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rafoo Chakkar: Fun on the Run torrent reviews

Dan F (nl) wrote: Cool movie kept you hanging and guessing

Eric R (ru) wrote: Simple Simon is a unique, charming romantic comedy that follows Simon, who struggles with Asperger Syndrome, as he attempts to understand the world beyond simple math and science. His brother Sam is the only person that understand him, but when Sam's girlfriend breaks up with him because she can't deal with Simon, Sam becomes depressed. This leads to Simon on a quest to find Sam the perfect girlfriend. Simon uses Mathematics to construct the perfect match for Sam, but as the film progresses he begins to learn that their is so much more to world then just these things. Simple Simon reminded me of a much better JUNO type film. Its production design is very vibrant, and the director uses a lot of visual trickery to really get the viewer into Simon's psychie. Now, unlike Juno which tried so hard to be hip with its vernacular, Simple Simon is a very honest depiction of a man who just views the world differently. Its funny, charming and emotionally affecting. Even though its kinda obvious where the film is going; it really doesnt matter, cause you enjoy the ride. Cecilia Forss is a fox...

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