City-based Vikram is hired as a Manager by Kumar, a wealthy businessman, and asked to report for duty to a distant town in rural India. Vikram arrives there and carries out his duties. He meets with pretty village belle Rani, and both fall in love with each other. When Kumar arrives for an inspection, he finds everything satisfactory, and asks Vikram to run an errand for him out of town.

City-based Vikram is hired as a Manager by Kumar, a wealthy businessman, and asked to report for duty to a distant town in rural India. Vikram arrives there and carries out his duties. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patti C (br) wrote: Interesting instructional video on how lobbyists work, and the nature of the gun control conflict. Some characters were engaging and some plot points were not predictable. OK way to spend a snowy evening at home.

Jeremy S (de) wrote: Meh, stylizes itself like a Tarantino or Coen Bros film, but the script is pretty terrible

Alejandro O (br) wrote: Eye candy galore! This is a mexican spinoff from the orinal friday with ice cube. This movie is funny! Tito was hella funny and the whole cast was good! Watch this high or drunk lol

Adam U (gb) wrote: I loved it , just not as much as the 1st one, Vinnie Jones disapointedly was offed in the middle of the movie . and Autumn Reeser looked so hot you'd be willing to die for her (litterly) And Martha Higareda was a looker too . great action and violence

Ruben L (kr) wrote: Its the gay version of the twilight zone! Loved the cast!

Luis A H (jp) wrote: One of the most ambitiously important movies no-one might ever understand.

FanGirl B (gb) wrote: I liked it up until the end (I do NOT like cruelty to animals).

Adam R (jp) wrote: An ok movie, occasionally on the Sci-fi channel. It's a strange take on vampire movies.

max h (es) wrote: Damn fine in every aspect.

Byron B (ru) wrote: The fourth partnership with Rathbone and Bruce as Holmes and Watson. The second one transferred in time to WWII. Dr. Tobel (Post), of Switzerland, has invented the secret weapon in question and Holmes is assigned to keep him and it out of the hands of the Nazis. A couple of the clues Holmes follows when Tobel goes missing harken back to Doyle's stories, but otherwise it doesn't have much in common with the literary creation. Sherlock dons a couple good disguises and the settings are fairly interesting. However, this Dr. Watson is pretty useless as is Lestrade, the mystery is not gripping, nor is Moriarty (Atwill) that threatening, and I don't like the changes to costumes, vehicles, or historical context to cheapen the costs.

TJ M (fr) wrote: One of the best military movies ever made.

John K (de) wrote: Tim Allen's comedy is the best!

Evan K (ca) wrote: I think this is the weakest of the movies so far, but mainly due to weak source material that never seemed like it would make for an entertaining movie outside of the climax, i.e. the last 15% of the book/movie or so. Well made and nicely shot as always outside of the story problems.

Campbell P (ru) wrote: Meet the Parents stars Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. I reviewed this movie a while back and I felt like I was being too generous. This movie should not be labeled as a comedy, I laughed at one scene in this whole movie. I've laughed more during some dramas! While the acting was really well done I really only found myself liking Robert De Niro and his daughter. Everyone else I found to be kind of irritating and brought nothing to me. The story is about Greg Focker meeting his to be fianc (C)s parents and does not make the best impressions at all. This movie was very very frustrating at times and really not caring for it a lot throughout. Meet The Parents does not do anything for me at all and should not be labeled a comedy. C-

Harrison R (de) wrote: damn i'm watching this for the 2nd time it's way more memorable when sober

Mike A (kr) wrote: outstanding martial arts flick with tremendous stunts