Raftaar - An Obsession

Raftaar - An Obsession

A former lover returns to create havoc in the life of his now married ex-girlfriend and her family.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Hindi,Marathi,English
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A former lover returns to create havoc in the life of his now married ex-girlfriend and her family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike V (de) wrote: I admit...I really only watched it for the one reason

Keenan S (ru) wrote: In my review of the Kenji Mizoguchi masterpiece, Sansho The Bailiff, I praised it as being the perfect film in which every shot and every detail - no matter how small - was made with total precision and care, making even all the little details seem important. It's a work of pure craftsmanship in which there is not a single flaw present, hence why I consider it to be one of the greatest dramas and films I've ever seen.Why do I bring it up in the same breath as a film such as The Singing Forest? Because The Singing Forest is a film that is the polar opposite in quality. It is truly a film with no merit, no technical finesse, not a shred of acting talent, no believable drama, a terrible selection of music that feels patched together, horrible sound quality, disturbing themes (Rape and then falling in love, exploitation of the Holocaust, etc.), poor sex scenes, horrible dialogue, poor picture quality (If you didn't know what year it came out, you'd swear it was a lost relic of the 70's or 80's), poor camera work (Shaky cam, bad scene transitions, fade-ins within the same shot, overly long shots, and more), and the whole film also reeks of crippling narcissism from an untalented, moronic fucktard who may very well be not only the worst film-maker alive, but of ALL TIME.I shit you not, this film is so bad, it makes me want to take back every bad thing I ever said about the notorious Sam Mraovich gay film, Ben & Arthur. It makes that film look like a misunderstood masterwork worthy of prestigious awards, followed by a top notch treatment by the Criterion Collection. At least with Ben & Arthur, there was a somewhat focused plot, better camerawork (Yeah, The Singing Forest is really that fucking bad. Do you know how bad the camerawork was in Ben & Arthur?), better acting (Which really pains me to say because that film featured some of the worst acting of all time), and it also at least had the courtesy of having a few unintentionally funny scenes to keep it from being a totally worthless film. The Singing Forest can't even manage that!The narcissism and ego of Jorge Ameer is truly astounding, putting even the legendary egomaniac Sam Mraovich to shame. Every rotten piece of his ego smears every single frame of this art house nightmare like a diarrhea disaster as he tries to be deep, philosophical, have touchy themes, and tries to explore love and reincarnation. All of these themes, which could have been interesting, are handled in a way that is nothing short of a total fuck-up, to put it kindly.Not only is the film poorly made, but it is deeply offensive in the tradition of animated Titanic films and the 2011 shit stain of a film, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, by shamelessly exploiting the Holocaust (Even splicing some footage of victims. Stay classy, Jorge Ameer) for its incomprehensible clusterfuck of a story (And not even integrated as being a major part of the story. It feels like a fucking side note, for fuck's sake). It's also deeply offensive in how it handles the issue of rape when the main character, Christopher, talks about how he met Destiny's mother by following her, raping her, and then they somehow fell in love and stayed married for 22 years until her death. Christopher is apparently also a rapist who likes to pitch for both teams, as he also proceeds to rape Ben after Ben comes home drunk after a bachelor party and falls into bed with his soon-to-be father-in-law.I'm not exaggerating when I say that even the meanest rape joke seems like a sensitive discussion of the topic by comparison to how The Singing Forest handles the issue.Oh, but the icing on the offensive cake doesn't stop there. Oh no, the character Destiny is thrown under the bus as basically not having a soul (As claimed by some random bitch who's a psychic) because she was a product of rape (And her only purpose was basically to unite her rapist father with her fiance who turns out to be his lover in his past life). Naturally of course, gay people are also thrown under the bus as basically being shown as sexual deviants, which also pissed me off especially as a gay guy (I'm the kind of gay guy that doesn't even mind politically-incorrect jokes. It takes shit like this to piss me the fuck off).Oh, and despite the inclusion of reincarnation, don't expect any deep religious discussions, either. In a world filled with abominable Christian films, this film with its religious discussions is the worst religiously-themed film I have ever seen - the polar opposite of the South Korean masterpiece, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...And Spring. It will shock, offend, and bewilder in this category as well.The acting is absolutely horrible across the board. It's definitely at porn standards, but without any good sex scenes (There's a fade out before any sex actually occurs) or nearly enough nudity (I must confess Ben was fairly attractive, like a very brief full frontal moment) to distract me from what a piece of shit I was watching. If you're going to give me porn-levels of acting, at least distract me with some sex and nudity. Give me that, at least!Nobody can emote worth a damn, even when discussions about death or talking about absolutely horrible things (Like rape). Unless you like watching actors that are below that of robots attempting to emote, then there is nothing to derive from this film's acting quality, other than astonished bewilderment of how something so poorly performed exists. Hell, it might even be below porn standards.On top of being horribly offensive and horribly made, it's also mind-numblingly boring despite being only 60-odd-minutes in length (It's not 80-something as claimed by the box). There's no good drama, no interesting religious discussions, no meaningful discussions about gay people or relationships, utterly horrifies with its discussions about rape and the Holocaust in such nonchalant, exploitative ways, no good sex scenes, very little nudity to work with...and worst of all, it can't even be salvaged for camp. It's too boring and too offensive as such.It's hard not to walk away from The Singing Forest feeling offended, bewildered, angry, and very confused. This is beyond any doubt, one of the worst films ever made...maybe even the WORST FILM EVER. It's a film that will offend anyone who watches it, regardless of taste or background. Jorge Ameer isn't just one of the worst film-makers alive, he is easily one of the worst film-makers of all time. If you value your sanity, you must never watch this film. ZERO STARS, if I could give it that rating.

Angus Y (de) wrote: Every dream can come true if you do it by heart!

Mathias S (it) wrote: Eine gute Story, nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Das Genre ist mir nicht klar und daher impliziert der Film in mir keine klare Emotion. Mir gefllt der Stil, das Setting, aber die meisten Bilder flackern an mir vorbei..

Emod L (es) wrote: 64%Super Fuzz runs out of steam during the second half, but if you're a fan of the B-movie genre, there's enough bizarre antics here for you to check this one out. All in all an uneven but rewarding B-movie.V: 32%

Patricia A (it) wrote: Dated and cheesy but I love Cary Grant.

Ryan V (ag) wrote: The animation is groundbreaking and the music is majestic. This is an underrated one, in my opinion. The Magician's Apprentice is the highlight, but this masterpiece has so much more to it than just that.

Stella D (ag) wrote: an odd entry in astaire/rogers filmography with only four dance numbers. ginger's shooting spree is pretty frightening!

James B (mx) wrote: First rate sci fi Drama (McConaughy a little over the top, though). Convincingly creates a post-apocalyptic world - with lots of dragons. "The only thing worse than dragons are Americans."

Carole L (mx) wrote: Fabulous! One of my all-time favorite films.

Peter H (br) wrote: very slow film takes about an hour till it actually becomes intresting not worth the time watching