A teenaged rapper uses his Gran's magic powders to help him in his revenge against those who put her in the hospital.

A teenaged rapper uses his Gran's magic powders to help him in his revenge against those who put her in the hospital. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Valentina G (de) wrote: A terrific combination of good acting and good editing. A wonderful dramatic film told "on tiptoe".

bill b (gb) wrote: slow..... and really i was hoping something more

Jess A (de) wrote: I think the ending was a little ambiguous, but the rest of the movie I enjoyed well enough. I didn't really care for the actress - I didn't feel like she was really connecting with the character, or with Joseph's character. But I think Joseph did a good job.

George X (us) wrote: You need to watch this movie on 'mute'. Queen Latifah and her poorly-written script ruin this otherwise potentially captivating documentary.

Matthew A (kr) wrote: Saw a screening of this flick back in the day. It was great. Lots of funny moments. Thomas Lennon and Tony Goldwyn steal the show.

Tommy D (us) wrote: After watching the TV show I thought a film couldn't represent well the 1998 novel of the same name by Nick Hornby.I was wrong. It can.This thoughtful adaptation revolves around the idea that no man is an Island, connecting the needs of Marcus (Nicholas Hoult ) and the needs of Will (Hugh Grant), helping each other out.What's more, the editing and the cinematography make this film even better.

Stanley C (au) wrote: Completely goofy and highly overrated by critics, all of its' fictional elements, dialogue, and characterization are offset by lazy artwork.

Eric R (kr) wrote: Show Me Love is the story of two girls trying to find happiness. Agnes is social outcast who has no friends. She is a lesbian and is completely infatuated with one of her classmates, Elin. Elin is a 15-year old girl living in a boring Swedish town. She absolutely despises where she lives and fears that she will be stuck in this boring life for the rest of her life. Her sister and friends keep trying to set her up with various boys at school but she seems to have little interest. Elin is part of the popular crowd who constantly mocks Agnes for being a lesbian. One night after Agnes is once again rejected by her peers, Elin goes over to her house to comfort her which leads to them kissing, setting off emotions which Elin never knew about or suppressed until this point. Lukas Moodysson's debut feature film is a beautiful film that perfectly captures what I imagine it would be like to for a homosexual youth to come to grips with their sexuality. The film examines the peer-pressure which forces people to conform and become like everyone else. The two leads are great and I really found myself interested in what was going to happen. In the end, Lukas Moodysson's film is a really sweet thought-provoking film that is charming yet very sincere and real about the issues that people in these types of situations face.

Conor M (es) wrote: Not as bad as I expected,but that doesn't mean it was amazing.

Jim G (ag) wrote: Richard knows his onions!!

Greg W (it) wrote: one of my favourite fellini pics

mike p (nl) wrote: you got to love a film that about 10 minutes into it....the female lead, Ocho is taking a bath when there is an assasination attempt on her life. Leaping out of the tub, only wearing her birthday suit and armed with a sword, she kills everyone in a awsome bloody mess! This basically sets the tone for the rest of this great film. Sex and Fury is a great Pinky Violence film. One of the best forms of exploitation. Also starring Christina Lindberg, star of Thriller - A Cruel Picture.

Ugi S (br) wrote: Roman Polanski's "Repulsion" is an example when an antimainstream horror film could be something remarkable stuff with whole thing inside, the performance, the storyline and the cinematography without decreasing creepy and disturbing element. And once again, we meet a hi-quality psychological horror film that will enrich your reference." An yes, if there was a "Psycho" woman, take a look this film and Carol Ledoux. You will see it in detail"

Jamie H (au) wrote: Ryan Reynolds played this role perfectly!

Sybylla Y (ru) wrote: Best horse movie to come out in a long time, with lots of cultural lessons disney-fied. I also just love Omar Sharif and the coffee pot erection joke.

BRiana C (ag) wrote: While it is thoroughly entertaining, I do not necessarily believe that Inglorious Basterds is a good movie.I did enjoy the abundance of dialogue, because I believe it helped propel the plot forward at a nice pace. What I did not like was the blase perspective the movie took on the Holocaust. Even the entire construction of the german detective troubled me. Tarantine made him too funny, too witty, and too likeable. While I do understand this was a mockumentary of sorts, it made me feel guilty to sit there and laugh during some scenes.As far as arch, I could see none of no character whatsoever in the film. All the characters ended as they began, making them somewhat superficial and shallow. I did recognize some false foreshadowing with the german war hero actor. When he left the theater it almost seemed as if he had a shred of remorse for killing all those people, but any thread of hope that he was going to arc in any way was destroyed once he forced his way into the theater's projection room.I do commend the integration of the various languages throughout the film, as it in no way detracted from the pace of the plot. In fact, in many cases I had to rewind the movie to re-read captions due to the face paced nature of the dialogue.Overall, while I can appreciate it cinematic elements, this movie made me feel guilty for enjoying it.