Rage at Dawn

Rage at Dawn

In this film's version of the story, four of the Reno Brothers are corrupt robbers and killers while a fifth, Clint (Denver Pyle) is a respected Indiana farmer. A sister, Laura (Mala Powers), who has inherited the family home, serves the outlaw brothers as a housekeeper and cook. One brother is killed when they go after a bank, the men of the town appear to have been waiting for them…

A special agent from Chicago is sent out west to bring in the notorious Reno brothers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John N (it) wrote: A decent engagement of the secular and the sacred. Natives of Lancaster County, Pa will get a kick out of the many inside jokes.

Anthony V (it) wrote: Oxide Pang's segment is good. The others are so-so.

Palo F (ag) wrote: oh my god, these arty movies... how deep, how boring

Max G (mx) wrote: A Disney teenie spy-action rip-off of James Bond and Mission: Impossible.

Tim G (ru) wrote: classic! so damn funny. if you watch this and don't laugh you must have a bad understanding of what "funny" really is.

Adam T (it) wrote: Cowen's third character-based movie deals with the Austrian homosexual fashionista Bruno. Like Borat, some of it depends on your personal taste threshold. Having said that, it wasn't as controversial as the aforementioned

ismael G (de) wrote: This movie is so cool

Greg W (it) wrote: not bad but not real good either

Alexander C (us) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Patrick S (jp) wrote: Love the original series!!

Martin T (au) wrote: Wonderfully executed tragic romance from Renoir. I find that Renoir doesn't usually attain that level of transcendence that I hope for, but most of his films are very watchable (a couple of duds like The River notwithstanding). Here we have fine performances, fine cinematography, and a fine story with an engaging web of relationships. Not much to say, just a solid movie all around.

Grant K (de) wrote: Funnier and more likeable than it has any right to be, due to its two capable leads.

Adam K (ca) wrote: Got this rec from Smugfilm's John D'Amico with very strong praise, so I was expecting something unusual and special. It's certainly not a run of the mill action movie in a lot of ways. Lighting and colors are artful and deliberate, and a few scenes have a strangeness that is downright Lynchian (the office inside the blue-hued meat freezer, for instance). The spare and visceral score suits the hero's tone as well as the grunting, gory fights. The concept is executed about as well tonally and artistically as you could ask for. But the concept isn't very original, and it's rarely fun. There is waaaaay too much machismo; once the plot kicks into gear, most of the film is nothing but oiled musclemen beating each other up in dramatically destructible environments. The amnesia plot device, the super-soldier program, the empty pageantry and rhetoric of super-soldier revolutionaries, it's all just so humdrum. Yawn.

Brian P (es) wrote: Funny western played by Eastwood who works for the highest wage. MacLaine stole the show though. I think she should've had a golden globe nomination for this