Rage of Honor

Rage of Honor

A Japanese cop, Shiro, and his partner Ray are after a bunch of drug dealers. But they are betrayed by an insider and Ray is killed. Shiro follows the murderer, a sadistic drug lord, up to Singapore.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   battle,  

A Japanese cop, Shiro, and his partner Ray are after a bunch of drug dealers. But they are betrayed by an insider and Ray is killed. Shiro follows the murderer, a sadistic drug lord, up to Singapore. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt R (kr) wrote: If you're looking for some fresh horror with hair-raising chills and an engaging mystery at it's core, look elsewhere. Those seeking an insipid story with more baffling moments than scares and acting both shockingly dull and hilariously over the top, this may be for you.

Daniel P (br) wrote: Weird, but enjoyable.

Kent R (ca) wrote: I hope we don't wind up like this, but I think today's society is has this on a subliminal level.

Conor B (fr) wrote: A decent concert film on Broken Social Scene cannibalized and ruined by slapping on a terribly acted hipster love story. The film is finally derailed by the most unnecessary and forced love scene in recent cinema at the end.

Elgan D (au) wrote: Spanish horror/thriller centered around a diabolical concierge. Uncomfortable viewing which builds and builds but the eventual finale is a disappointment, jarring in content and tone.

Glenda M (nl) wrote: very moving peace. it is hard to believe that this happened. and to have happen to people I know. this move is a must see so that we don't repeat the past. I hugged my children close and said a prayer to God that we are all safe.

Jon P (de) wrote: Lynne Ramsay's bone-shaking adaptation of Lionel Shriver's novel explores the erupting nuances of a nightmare motherhood.Ramsay's film is a scene-by-scene slow burner, equally poetic as it is perturbing.Loaded with ominous imagery and brittle exchanges, We Need to Talk About Kevin wallows in frustration, blurring the boundaries between realist drama and psychological horror, with Tilda Swinton's anguished mother struggling to hold the helm. Swinton is terrific, but problem child Kevin misses out on some much-needed character exploration, as Ramsay leaves Swinton and viewers alike cowering in fear over a misguided menace they'll never understand. Keep well away if you're pregnant, or thinking of having kids.

Chucky (de) wrote: February 28th 2011, August 16th 2011February 26th 2013March 19th 2014April 28th 2016

Jack G (nl) wrote: aside from the opening Dvorak performance, this is a beautiful-looking bore. This is as much an homage to Bunuel as Blue Velvet is to Capra.

Adryan G (ca) wrote: Miike can do no wrong. Almost camp . . . almost. Don't mistake anything that happens in this film as an accident. This is masterful.

Bill C (ca) wrote: As a film critic, a movie does not always need to be great to have a significant impact on me as a viewer. And that's what Angus is. It's not a great film, but for mer personally it was certainly memorable, and just reminds us how cruel, yet memorable high school really was. The release of this film came in late 1995, I was entering Grade 7, and I was horribly unpopular, and picked on constantly. I went home after 3 o clock everyday, already dreading the next. My only time of peace came on weekends. Most of which I'd spend at the movies. The story of Angus is obviously not one I can relate too on a complete level. I certainly wasn't a "fat kid", I was probably skinnier than anybody at the time, even the girls. But Angus was an outcast, with one loyal friend, a loving mother, and a no nonsense Grandfather. Angus Bethune is an offensive lineman for the High School football team, which is of course anchored by the extremely popular, Rick, played quite well in scummy fashion by future Dawson's Creek star, James Van Der Beek. He of course has the attention, of beautiful cheerleader Melissa, played by Ariana Richards, who had gained a measure of fame from Jurassic Park. Angus pines over her silently, and I can relate. Being unpopular, you feel the popular crowd is a territory best left untouched and unspoken. Angus, played well by Charlie Talbert, is also quite a smart kid, especially when it comes to Science. He's stubborn, downtrodden, but he does not back down from anything. He's constantly followed by his friend Troy, a funny supporting performance from Chris Owen (later known as "The Shermanator" from the American Pie films). The friendship between the two, is played like a real friendship, Troy is that friend who thinks he knows it all, but Angus knows otherwise, and rolls his eyes, but can appreciate the efforts of help. What I like a lot about this film is that if plays off relationships quite well. And that's the big focus here. It's Angus' relationship with his Grandfather, played by legendary Oscar winner George C. Scott, where he seeks the most wisdom. His loving Mom, who's as hardnosed as Angus, played by another Oscar winner, Kathy Bates, doesen't want her son to change. There's a really nice scene of conflict between the mother and grandfather, over what's truly best for Angus. Also his rivalry with Rick may seem protoypical for a film, but they did the best they could. I also liked the quiet affection he had for the character of Melissa, and I like how althrough the movie, even though we barely hear her speak the entire movie, but you get the sinking feeling, that something is tearing away at her, and we get a bit of a twist on that near the end. I earlier said the term "prototypical", and yes this movie is all that, and very paint by numbers. But yet unlike most movies like this that would folow, the filmakers did everything they could with what they had. All the characters have heart, the relationships are all different in a way, and there's a few very funny verbal exchanges, and a couple really clever lines of dialogue. My pesonal favourite is, "She's that girl, that's so far out of your reach, that you know she was put on this earth, just to make you feel bad". Yes, we get the "big dance scene", and we get the "monologue amongst the crowd", typical indeed, however, I LOVE how it was written, and it wasn't JUST cliches, it had heart, and it was something stemming from the Angus character, it wasn't just words written for a character who has no right, and not enough smarts to realize it, like so many other films of the teen genre. The ending actually is what I like to call "The Glimmer of Hope", not everything's wrapped up, but you're more than satisfied, and very happy for this sympathetic character. Much like Angus, social acceptance wasn't a big deal to me, but I was sick of everyone laughing and making fun of me. I think that's why this movie struck a chord with me, and perhaps some may think I'm being to kind to it. Well to all them, to quote Grandpa Ivan in this film, "Screw 'Em". I also love the soundtrack here, featuring The Goo Goo Dolls, slightly before there big breakout, Love Spit Love, Mazzy Star, Squeeze, Green Day, Sun 60 Weezer and Peter Gabriel. Again, Angus is far from great, but I still love it after all these years, and it's a pleasent experience.

Adam C (mx) wrote: Great balance of action and humor with a unique and original story. This is movie is as old as I am, but a lot of the action sequences Chan performs are fresh in this viewer's eyes. A lot of people talk about how great this movie is and I concur. This is one of the most entertaining foreign films I've ever seen. An instant classic.

Sean S (ag) wrote: The film is a great example of good use of young actors and a showcase for the greatly underused David Bradley. It doesn't rely on anything too stereotypical to wean drama from; in fact, before the kestrel of the title of the novel is introduced, you wouldn't even know it would be about that at all. There are some interesting aspects to Casper's life and community that aren't expanded on here, but then again, that's not the point of the novel nor the film: it's this neglected boy's tale of a friend in the form of a bird; an outlet and an escape from the world. And for that reason, it works.

Matt M (ag) wrote: A rich man hires a family to interpret his childhood memories of the festive season. A complete lack of likeable characters makes the film seem pretty obnoxious. Furthermore, the concept pretty soon falls flat in dullness.

Ash M (it) wrote: This movie got very harsh reviews IMO. It wasn't a great Bond movie but I pretty much enjoyed it till the final 20 mins of it which I felt was a pretty crappy ending/climax.