Raghuvinte Swantham Rasiya

Raghuvinte Swantham Rasiya


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Raghuvinte Swantham Rasiya torrent reviews

Arlette G (nl) wrote: It is cliche but this is the kind of film to see when you want something light hearted and predictable.

Giordano G (ru) wrote: Mistura doida de Birdman, Matrix e Waking Life!

William T (nl) wrote: Despite a promising introduction, Bellflower is a muddled movie that simply lacks the energy and the boldness of this specific genre.

FilmGrinder S (jp) wrote: 69% I hate to say it, but I laughed out loud a couple of times. I'm sorry Mr. Argento.

Gavin P (ag) wrote: Talk about wasting a perfectly good cast - Ford, Judd, Liotta - and all with nothing to do! Needed more Lizzy Caplan too... Pretty much some depressing illegal immigrant stories hodgepodged together - sad and not much cohesion or point! Harrison Ford should know better...

Nicole G (fr) wrote: The cast was amazing....the lighting was not lolIt starts out strong but is not funny all the way through......

Joe K (es) wrote: totally retarded and pretty bad but not as much as you think. blaze out and watch it, dont take it seriously (Why would you?), and laugh the garbage off I guess. the voice of the bong and Tommy Chong were both really funny and that gets it a half star. Id give a whole one but thats too high a rating for this movie by far. (Theres also a Demonic Toys cameo in this movie , if youve ever seen that, which I highly doubt.)

Timothy B (fr) wrote: A visually interesting journey, it runs out of steam when it becomes clear that the story is quite simple, and the characters one dimensional...there is little excitement, no joy, and almost no reason to watch this film, unless you are intimately familiar with the historical events it depicts: the events preceding the flooding of an inhabited valley to make way for a man-made lake.

ole bjrn l (nl) wrote: wow nobody haven t seen this,it s great,trust me,alittelbit 80 s touch effeckts but great story

List W (ru) wrote: There are four important seeds that drive Flashdance: 1. Adrian Lyne: He was clearly very ambitious in that, while he knew that the plot wasn't much - that's why he turned down the movie 3 times (as he states in an interview in the movie extras) - he accepted the movie in the end because he felt he could do something exciting with the many dance scenes - and he was right. 2. Jennifer Beals: Beals has shown a number of times since Flashdance that she is quite an actress, along with being a beautiful, appealing and sweet presence in front of the camera. Lyne had it down to four women in auditions and chose quite wisely. Beals' unique charisma is the heart and soul of this film. 3. The music: They got very lucky with the soundtrack, which stood up well on its own, let alone in context with the film. 4. The 80's themselves: This film sits well in the cannon of 80's romantic / comedic / youth-oriented films. The 80's did that particular genre better than any other decade and this film is very much an 80's film, and I mean that with complete affection. You can't get your arms around 80's pop culture without seeing a set of core films that helped define that fun and now classic culture. This film is one of those. It may fall flat under a serious critic's gaze - but anyone that just wants to laugh or feel or just enjoy, knows that this film (allowing for more than a little suspension of disbelief of course) delivers.

Jenna G (fr) wrote: Tootsie is often very funny and the cast of Hoffman, Lange & Murray is outstanding. It may be a tad overrated, but still great for an occasional watch.

Barry T (fr) wrote: Camptastically hilarious!!!!!

John A (gb) wrote: A Gory B-Movie, With Bad Performances And Plenty Of Violent Scenes, That's Saved From Total Disaster By It's Originality Of The Plot (For The Time It Was Made), & It's Death Scenes.

Fernando C (gb) wrote: please stop making these kind of movies!!!!

Francisco L (br) wrote: Original for this genre with the good sense of not only tell stories about the England past, but also with another principal story that make us indirectly reflect about what really is England and English people. However The environment depicted is not the most attractive for the spectator.