Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators

Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators

A group of mutant gators attack the cajun people. Pouring blue chemicals in a Louisiana swamp causes the alligator population to morph into monstrous creatures including a clan of cajuns living in the bayou.

When a young woman comes home from college to her redneck family, a mutated new entry to the alligator family starts attacking her kin and the rivaling family in their bayou. They must ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam M (jp) wrote: sadly underrated film. the film is like a mix between indiana jones and uncharted

Gregory W (nl) wrote: good kinda noirish drama.

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horse c (mx) wrote: Heart-Warming & Uplifting

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Jordan W (jp) wrote: the movie wasnt that good

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Kristal C (fr) wrote: A classic from my childhood that's unfortunately suffered with age. Both stars are for the Vixen cameo as they are the most awesome of the '80s hair bands.