Raging Angels

Raging Angels

Two musicians are unknowingly drawn into a supernatural scheme.

Two musicians are unknowingly drawn into a supernatural scheme. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nilufer R (de) wrote: I love this kind of multi stories in one movie with a bunch of known actors. And I liked how it all flew smoothly. I can feel why the critics are low but I don't care much because i simply enjoyed it.

Thumper V (gb) wrote: SyFy is famous for it's horrible movies, and this is one of the best of the awful ones. The male lead has a way shorter skirt than the female lead, literally no one cared even a little bit in their preformances and the CGI was horrendous. If you're making a bad movie marathon and have already watched Stonehenge Apocalypse, Peg vs Chim is another cringe worthy addition. Absolutely hilarious if you go into the movie with the right attitude.

Holly R (au) wrote: Great doc - it manages to really humanize an idol of mine - not always in a positive light, but always the perfect one.

Nick E (es) wrote: A very realistic account of the withdrawl from Beaufort with some insight into the thoughts of the soldiers stationed there. Has some good interaction between the characters and the attention to detail and feel of the movie is impressive. On the down side it doesn't offer much in the way of teaching you the significance of the place, just some vague references to its conquest. Due to the realism it is also quite dull in parts but the performances and the writing help combat that a little.

Gabriel K (gb) wrote: A well directed thriller with excellent performances by Mickey Rourke and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The story seems lacking a bit, understandably so considering all the problems with the production.

Aaron B (nl) wrote: absolutely riveting, a non-stop thrill ride where you will be glued to the back of your seat gasping for air by the masterful genius of this work. and puppy fucking!

Anuj S (br) wrote: I simply loved the movie

Veronica (ca) wrote: "I've never seen a girl shoot like that!" Betty Hutton is a sensation as Annie Oakley. The score You Can't Kill a Man With a Gun is filled with such enthusiasm it's hard not to smile. In fact the whole film is a great laugh unless you have a problem with amplified characters. There are some annoying factors such as the lip syncing and the all too colourful wardrobe but this isn't a serious piece, it's mawkish.

Serge L (kr) wrote: Pretty effing good story about milking purple potatoes for chips. Two brothers with frenchie names living in the border town in the maritimes, played by englishes, wish they were living in a more english place named Boston. The whole thing smells too much like potatoes and one brother breaks free of the regular mold to get into drug deal mold. The film is down-to-earth good like potatoes well chipped, which I wish I had. We kind of see that the rot is so prevalent, drugs getting bought from old guys and exchanged for cash, etc. The film holds its own, english-wise. The end is frenchie. It has a small town feel. The dramatic end was to come. No way this film, with this tone, could have ended well. Great time all around! haha!

Kelley T (mx) wrote: This story could have been told in half the time and there really is not much there. A man gets his brain addled by boxing and takes it out on others outside the ring. Down he goes, as do many athletes, even if they are not boxers. It was cinematographically great but that can't support a story as thin as this for that long. The "story" is more about how people walked, talked, behaved and dressed, and the appearance of the times than anything else. If you are enthralled by boxing, violence, and artistic filmed scenes this will please you, otherwise it is a waste of time. The film in the end tries to hang its hat on another great film "On the Waterfront" by stealing a line from it, but that is just cheap. A classical music score and a line borrowed from a truly great classic film does not make another classic film. One gallon of good paint, plus one gallon of bad paint makes two gallons of bad paint.

MEC r (fr) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Leon B (ca) wrote: Review:I really enjoyed this intense courtroom drama about a top lawyer who takes on a case to try and free a girl from jail after being sentenced to life for murder. Although the evidence against the accused is full of lies and deceit, there still lies the question about the girls true innocence. I liked the different twists and turns throughout the movie and the performances made the movie intense and emotional. You really don't know what direction this movie is going to take because the lawyer is also a recovering alcoholic who is fighting to get custody of her little girl. When everything becomes a bit too much for the stressed out lawyer, she turns to Nick Note for guidance, who was a great choice by the director. Anyway, I didn't lose my interest throughout the movie because it's not predictable and it doesn't seem to drag, so I can honestly say that it's worth a watch. Enjoyable!Round-Up:It's weird watching Kate Beckinsale in a straight role after watching her shooting zombies and kicking butt in the Underworld franchise. She has starred in many top movies like The Aviator, Pearl Harbor and Total Recall but she still seems to stay under the Hollywood radar. Nick Nolte has also been out of the spotlight lately, which is a shame because I always rated him as an actor. Anyway, the whole cast performed well in this intense drama, but it didn't seem to have got a major release so it's another one of those films that will be under rated.Budget: $7millionWorldwide Gross: N/AI recommend this movie to people who are into there intense courtroom dramas about a big time lawyer who has some serious personal issues but she still takes on a case to try and save a girl from her life sentence for murder. 6/10