Raging Boll

Raging Boll

Widely recognized as the planet's worst film director, Uwe Boll embarks on a quest to conquer Hollywood and take vengeance upon the film fanatics striving to destroy him. Filmed over three years on and off the set, 'Raging Boll' is a walk in the shoes of a man people love to hate.

Widely recognized as the planet's worst film director, Uwe Boll embarks on a quest to conquer Hollywood and take vengeance upon the film fanatics striving to destroy him. Filmed over three ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Twinkii P (es) wrote: I like it only after the 2nd time I watched it. It was slow and kinda confusing until you understand what's going on. The last 10 minutes and before she gets off the stretcher is what REALLY happened. She relived that moment and tried to change it in her mind. After she got the call from the P.I. she talks to her boss at work and when she puts the phone down you hear the robbery happening. She then takes her kid and goes to the hotel where her hubby and the nanny were getting it on and confronted them before she slashed him with the glass. She picks up the rest of her kids, spaces out and runs a red light and is hit by a bus killing all her kids. That broke her in all senses of the word. Now homeless after splitting from her hubby cause he was cheating and all of her kids are gone, she is sitting on the bench looking at the scene of the accident she tries to go back in her mind and re-do everything so her children are not hurt. I thought it was a great movie!! Well done Marissa!

Prithviraj P (mx) wrote: a really inspiring film 2 motivate the youth of india....gud story ....wisely written characters

Matthew C (au) wrote: Four short stories involving robots, sometimes only in the most broad way. The first story about a bad mother and her robot child felt like a bad episode of the new Outer Limits. The second, about a woman trying to come to terms with her son's coma, is interesting and well acted, but feels out of place. The third, about a new piece of office equipment is cute, even if it doesn't cover any new ground. And the final story about an artist who isn't sure he wants immortality is probably the best and most challenging of the stories, and helps raise the whole piece up a notch. Overall, it feels like science fiction written by someone who doesn't really like science fiction, which is odd, because Greg Pak has gone on to become a fairly well respected voice in comics, many featuring science fiction.

Rob L (de) wrote: Really the performances by the cast save this movie from being a complete boring waste. I got into it because of how good Segwick and Mirren were.

Jim H (mx) wrote: A part-time writer, full-time handyman falls for a effervescent but troubled woman.Jean-Hugues Anglade shines in this French classic with a passionate, exposing performance. I wish I could say the same for Beatrice Daile who was handed a gem of a role, but she doesn't capture Betty's life, her spirit, the magic quality needed to justify Zorg putting up with her antics. If Betty Blue were Garden State and Natalie Portman's character burned down Zach Braff's house or threw all his stuff onto the lawn, we'd still understand why he'd stay with her because of her charm and wit and the excited feeling one gets from being in the presence of someone like that. Such is not the case with Daile's Betty.I liked the film for what it tried to be more than for what it was. Betty Blue is about those relationships that send our lives into tumult but show us ways of being happy that we'd never imagined before. Yes, it descends into traditional definitions of happiness, like procreation and idyllic homes in the south of France, but there are uncommon challenges like Betty pushing Zorg out of his stagnant handyman existence.The conclusion of the film made a twisted kind of sense, and it's only Anglade's performance that kept it from being too twisted to be sensible.Overall, Betty Blue isn't a great film, but it tries hard enough, and I can't help thinking what another actress could have done with Betty.

Frances H (es) wrote: Gorgeous scenery, but the script here is so pathetic.

Derek R (br) wrote: I didn't mind it, the action was nice, the cinematography was beautiful, the CGI was meh, but still good, I hear people saying that Max himself was plain unlikable but if you play the first 2 games you should know he's not the happiest person alive.

Anthony M (us) wrote: Bouh que c'est naze...ca n'atteint aucun de ses objectifs et c'est chiant comme la mort...