Ragini MMS 2

Ragini MMS 2

A young enthusiastic crew and an over-the-top film director, visit a farmhouse on the outskirts of Mumbai, to make an erotica-horror! The director casts Sunny Leone, the famous adult film entertainer as his lead to play Ragini. They decide to shoot in an actual haunted location… that leads to creepy & menacing happenings.

Since her ghostly encounter, Ragini is now locked up in an asylum, yet her MMS has gone viral, prompting a film director to make a film based on her using the same haunted house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ragini MMS 2 torrent reviews

Debra C (au) wrote: Low budget film sorry I paid for it on DVD glad I didn't pay to see it at the cinema!

Cheryl L (de) wrote: Found this really boring. Not my type of movie at all.

Magnus W (ru) wrote: A worthy sequel with great performances.

Brian P (ag) wrote: pretty bad, although not bad enough to reiceve only half a star.

Trey W (kr) wrote: Awesome, old fashion-y mechanical effects laden pulp-y horror from the 80s. My favorite Stuart Gordon movie. Uses H.P. Lovecrafts name and actually does have a genuine Lovecraftian feel. The whole resonances and co-mingled realities idea is intriguing.

Mark S (gb) wrote: Recommended by Anthony and Giannis.

Daniel D (ru) wrote: By now, I'm pretty sure this is my least fave Bond movie. I know others would pick QoS or DAD for that spot, but at least I can sit through those films without much issue. With this film, I just have a headache sitting through it. I won't say it's terrible, since overall EON's Bond films are quite well-made. But I will say that I don't want to watch this film again in a long time.

Paul C (gb) wrote: The best Bond film by a mile!

Leslie C (kr) wrote: Again nothing like a movie with John Wayne.

Margarita S (au) wrote: This is a coming of age story about a group of friends who grow up on or near Kings Row. Ronald Reagan gives a charismatic performance as Drake, the strong-willed, neighbourhood rogue. The movie is nicely sequenced and there is the odd beautifully scripted line. At times it teeters on the brink of melodrama and the script gets stuck on some overbearing soliloquys. Overarching themes include: heroic perseverance in the face of nonsensical violence; a romanticized past in contrast to the fear of an uncertain future and the understanding that mental illnesses can be more difficult to heal than physical wounds. Context is everything. Given when this movie was made (1942), it is quite understandable that thematically it would reflect what was happening in the world at the time and it would do so with a skyward looking approach.

Luke A (nl) wrote: Very strange film but also well made.

Adam M (au) wrote: A great coming of age film. Was a nice retro look back at the 80's!

Kayla R (ag) wrote: 2013 romance film, ?Safe Haven? follows wife Katie Tierney as she struggles to find an equal balance of love and comfort from her rather than happy past. The movie is a great depiction of a woman?s battle with her abusive husband and the constant dark cloud that hangs over her and haunts her everyday life. Personally one of my favorite movies, Safe Haven is suspenseful and intense, keeping you on the edge of your seat. This movie allows you to fully connect with the characters and the feelings that they are experiencing. It is easy to feel sympathy for Katie as she struggles to fully commit herself to Alex because of her previous experience with love. Abusive relationships are so relevant today, and many people can relate to the main character?s obstacles. This is a fantastic, emotional film of the true struggle of learning to love again, and facing your demons from the past.

Karsh D (es) wrote: A Pacino tour de force as a bungled bank heist forces into some tough decisions and face some personal issues up front, to the whole nation as the drama unfolds in front of tv cameras.

Garrett C (it) wrote: Atonement suffers from the "Full Metal Jacket" problem. The first half at the Tallis mansion is a brilliantly made, tightly constructed, and well paced. The second half is a disastrous mess that is so drawn out and poorly paced I really couldn't believe it. There are so many holes and baffling sections that is "explained" in the end scene, but in a way that feels like a cheat more than an answer. The film is also soul crushingly sad, so watch with caution.