Archaeologist Sigurd Svendsen discovers that the Oseberg ship hides a secret from the Viking Age. Along with his two children put Sigurd out on a quest to find the truth. The mystery leads them into "No Man's Land" between Norway and Russia where no man traveling in modern times. Old runes take on new meaning when the secret they uncover is more frightening than anyone could have imagined.

The archaeologist Sigurd always questions about Ragnarok, which is a mysterious legend in the Northeast. He decides to make an adventure with his two children. This adventure leads them to Finnmark, the Northern region of Norway between Russia and Norway, where no one lives. After deadly dangers they facing, the mysteries is gradually unfolded… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ragnarok torrent reviews

Scott L (us) wrote: Loved the cartoon. Hope they don't screw it up.

Steven L (gb) wrote:

Terry M (au) wrote: I couldn't get through it. It felt slow and I just didn't care anymore. I turned it off less than half way through it.

Simon D (ru) wrote: A documentary with a vitally important subject, which probably could have reached a far wider audience with a more experienced director.

Brian S (ag) wrote: Simply an excellent film that takes you on a journey

Jennifer P (nl) wrote: wow I read this book and I couldn't even finish it. for some reason the movie looks really good :)

Troy W (de) wrote: Great British music and all

Muffin M (ru) wrote: Jabez Stone (Alec Baldwin) is a down-and-out writer trying to make the big time in New York City. When one of his closest friends Julius (Dan Aykroyd) finds literary success by selling his novel to the famed Webster Books - Stone is jealous and finally hits rock bottom. So when a beautiful stranger (Jennifer Love Hewitt) arrives on his doorstep she offers him a chance at fame and fortune in exchange for his soul he readily accepts the deal.With the help of his gorgeous editor Constance Hurry (Kim Cattrall) he hits the big time with the career that he always dreamt of and with women falling at his feet. Now Stone has it all but the view from the top isnt everything hed imagined it to be... Now time is running out fast on the 10-year contract for his soul as he comes to realise it true value.Desperate he must enlist the help of Editor Daniel Webster (Anthony Hopkins). Together the two take on the Devil in a battle of wits to try to save his immortal soul. also stars Barry Miller, Amy Poheler and Mike Doyle.directed by Harry Kirkpatrick.

Benjamin O (nl) wrote: De narrativa gil con una gran cantidad de personajes divertidos Guy Ritchie ofrece un sinfn de diversin y frases memorables.

Baurushan J (ca) wrote: One of the most underrated action movies in recent years. The story is about an anti-terrorist agent named Jack Quinn played by Jean Claude-Van Damme who has retired from duty to stay with his pregnant wife but however, the CIA bring him back for one last mission: to wipe out a crazed international terrorist whose son is accidentally killed during a shootout named Stavros played by Mickey Rourke. But the plan fails as Jack is imprisoned in The Colony which is a prison for spies that are too valuable to kill and too dangerous to set free. As Jack escapes The Colony, he realizes that it's too late as Stavros has kidnapped Jack's wife and their newborn baby and has kept Jack captive with land mines and a tiger. But to do all of that from the beginning, he teams up with Yaz played by basketball player Dennis Rodman who is a top-level underground arms merchant with a tendency towards flamboyant body modification. Hong Kong action director Tsui Hark made his first American film debut which so many people hated for some reason, earned this film an intro for basketball player Dennis Rodman, also starring Paul Freeman from Raiders Of The Lost Ark as Goldsmythe, a tough action spy script and one of the best endings in a action movies ever. Double Team gets a 8.6/10.

Rinaldo H (us) wrote: quite funny and witty, also the animation from Terry Gilliam is adorable

Ebba R (kr) wrote: Ingen film som brjar med att en clown krossar en bakruta och skjuter mot en belgisk bil kan vara dlig. Lesbisk vampyr-kult-klassiker med whacka 70-tals-lolitaklder, blod och utdragna och sadistsika vldtktscener fr mig att ocks vilja sitta bredvid en lesbo-vampyr-tant som spelar desdiger musik p en flygel under ett trd, p en kyrkogrd i skenet av svulstiga kandelabrar. Jean Rollin rulear! Se!

Des S (ag) wrote: This starts out slow, but it gets a little better as you watch it. I wish the acting would have been better and the story a little more believable, but it was a decent movie to watch.

Ryan W (gb) wrote: Wonderful horror drama about a lonely preteen boy who falls inlove with a preteen vampire!

Logan M (gb) wrote: A sad low point for Jim Henson's beloved creations, "Muppets From Space" is absolutely dreadful.