Rahemdil Jallad

Rahemdil Jallad

Film starring Mazhar Khan, Ritu Khanna, Usha Singh

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Cecily B (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie though the end of the movie kind of irked me because I don't know whats true or not. I hate those kind of endings. But otherwise it was a pretty interesting idea and well acted, especially by Josh Duhamel

Sarah S (ca) wrote: Another movie where most of the female characters exist solely for the lead male. This movie infuriated me on so many levels. The reincarnation idea was so contrived. Equating a woman who was betrayed by her husband to a controlling mother who can't let her son go and then have that wife apologize to the unfaithful husband is definitely some kind of male fantasy of how things should come together. Is it so hard to believe that the woman would be devastated? Honestly, what kind of connection did Antoine and Rose seem to have throughout the movie. Without her body and all that hair tossing I don't think there was an actual character there. The scene where the older daughter calls her father an asshole: I wanted more of that. The scene where the father calls Antoine out as an asshole in prayer: I wanted more of that. This movie was some kind of cheating husband wish fulfillment. Even the character of Jacqueline, who had so much promise in the beginning, devolved into a 'mommy dearest', a caricature. And the scenes where Carole sees Antoine as a boy. Uggh. Freud is dead! I can say that Vallee created a thoroughly loathsome character in Antoine and I can only hope that the plane did explode in that last scene and that Antoine was on it.

Heather M (de) wrote: Gruesome and a bit absurd, but I loved the ending!

Alberto M (gb) wrote: divertida, aunque la animacin no es de lo mejor pero es bueno hacer presente las tradiciones para los nios

Andre P (ca) wrote: Crispin Glover's finest

Daniel H (ca) wrote: Manages to blend comedy and feel good story telling beautifully. A timeless classic of the genre that includes Spaceballs.

Luke M (kr) wrote: Demolition Man is one of those films you hope the actors - top of their game Stallone, Snipes and Bullock - had as much fun making it as we did watching it.

Simon D (ru) wrote: A typical Mike Leigh film. It's a very well performed film but it's really lacking in the storyline. That's about two or three Mike Leigh films which have had such a promising cast but such a weak story. It's a shame that he didn't get some help with it really.

Wendy C (ca) wrote: Uber-hokey fun for the whole family.

bernard a (br) wrote: The Second Battle of El Alamein, which commenced October 1942, marked a major turning point for the allies in Northern Africa. The advancement of General Erwin "Desert Fox" Rommel's Afrika Korps were finally halted and repulsed in their bid to gain the rich oil fields of the middle east. Director Billy Wilder (who also co-wrote the screenplay) capitalized on this historic battle for his 2nd Hollywood film, FIVE GRAVES TO CAIRO - which actually takes a fictionalized account of the behind-the-scenes events leading up to the actual battle itself. I think it's fascinating how the story in the film meshes with real life events and gives an added dimension to this wartime propaganda film...and as propaganda - the film succeeded in boosting morale of filmgoers at the time, I'm sure - but it's blend of drama, suspense and comedic moments ensure that moviegoers today will still find it a treat. Corporal John Bramble (Franchot Tone) is the lone survivor of a british tank crew. During the opening credits we see a lone tank rumbling over sand dunes, apparently with it's accelerator stuck and the crew either dead or passed out. A half-conscious Bramble manages to climb up to the top hatch only to be ejected from the tank as it crests a dune. Bramble wanders the desert until he comes to a town deserted by it's inhabitants for fear of the advancing Nazis. Delirious from heat-stroke, Bramble mistakes a deserted inn for British headquarters. Inn-keeper Farid (Akim Tamiroff) and his french-born maid, Mouche (Anne Baxter) hears the noisy intruder in the lobby and investigates. Farid is quick to render aid to Bramble...but not so Mouche - as she has grown to hate the British due to events stemming from the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940. Bramble passes out in the lobby just as the Nazis arrive in town and Farid does his best to hide him...as for Mouche - she suggests they turn him over to the Nazis and be done with him - lest they face the firing squad for harboring an enemy. Representing the Nazis is Lt. Schwegler (Peter Van Eyck), a young and handsome Aryan who is General Rommel's top aide. Schwegler is in charge of setting up the inn as temporary lodging for the General and his staff. The ever-nervous Farid reluctantly welcomes the business...but Mouche has her own agenda regarding the Nazis. Erich Von Stroheim portrays General Rommel here. I think it's very interesting how Rommel has such a prominent role in this film. He isn't the stereotypical nasty Nazi as seen often in other wartime propaganda films. There is a bit of depth to his character here at least... Director Stroheim will team up with Billy Wilder again seven years later in the classic SUNSET BLVD. I really don't want to mention anything more about the story because the film does take some interesting twists along the way. You'll have to find out for yourself what the "Five Graves" are... 8.5 / 10

Sandra R (ru) wrote: Tombstone is magificent the more I watch it, the better it gets.

Robert H (de) wrote: Doesn't have a lot of scenes from the future but does tend to explain the situation a little better than the first film.What are trancers anyways? And why do they just disappear when they die?This film has a nice tongue in cheek comedic understory involving Jack Deth and his two wifes. His wife in the past (Helen Hunt) and his wife from the future (Megan Ward). It makes for some fun moments as well as some dramatic ones. What is missing is the perfect opportunity to up the sex quotient as both Helen and Megan are beautiful women and though the film hints at it, there is never any sex to actually be had between any of these characters.The addition of Jeffrey Combs and Richard Lynch added a little something missing from the first one. Their looks and style make for the perfect evil dudes.This film keeps up a decently fast pace which helps keep you from tiring from the lackluster look of the film and focusing in on the cheesy script and acting but... the dialogue is also part of the film's charm.Trancers II isn't a standalone film but as part of the series it works quite well especially with all the returning cast.