Rahi Badal Gaye

Rahi Badal Gaye

Amar lives in picturesque Kashmir in Northern India, and makes his living working as a guide for tourist together with his friend, Aziz. Amar is in love with a young woman, Bhavna, who ...

Amar lives in picturesque Kashmir in Northern India, and makes his living working as a guide for tourist together with his friend, Aziz. Amar is in love with a young woman, Bhavna, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ash P (es) wrote: I quite liked the movie but it did get a bit confusing at times

Jay C (us) wrote: The portrayal of his ups and downs were pretty accurate. I felt that something was missing, since I'm more amazed about his poker skills I think I would've like to see more of that (and more of what not many know about). Overall, worth a rent if you're a Stuey Ungar fan.

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